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14 Best Slack Apps for Work in 2024
May 21, 2024

Has Slack has become a staple within your work culture? If so, you know how valuable this team communication platform is for organizing productive discussions in basically any work scenario. While messaging platforms like Slack are steadily growing in adoption over channels like email, there’s an even larger world of productivity on deck at Slack to take you into the future of work.

The Slack app directory is a mega-database of hundreds of integrations to enhance collaboration and productivity for small teams up to enterprise organizations. These apps allow you to work simultaneously across tools to access and update information, reduce context switching, and communicate asynchronously right from Slack.

Let’s check out the top 14 Slack apps for productivity across calendar management, project management, status updates, HR, and team building.

The top 14 Slack apps of 2024

  1. Reclaim.ai
  2. Calendly
  3. Eventbot
  4. Monday.com
  5. Trello
  6. Todoist
  7. Asana
  8. Loom
  9. Standuply
  10. Range
  11. Vacation Tracker
  12. Bonusly
  13. Donut
  14. Cloverpop

Calendar management apps

1. Reclaim.ai

Reclaim is an AI calendar assistant and the number one Slack app because it allows you to automatically sync your status right to your calendar to prevent unwanted interruptions. We all know Slack is amazing, but it can be a bit distracting when you’re trying to stay heads down on work. So instead of getting interrupted every 5 minutes, your coworkers can see when you’re busy in a meeting, focus time session, or a personal event so they know not to interrupt you. 

But Reclaim does much more than just status updates, it also uses AI to find the best time for all of your meetings, tasks, habits, and breaks in your schedule. And with the Slack integration, you also can easily manage your calendar, tasks, and meetings without leaving your workspace. Get reminders, automatically join upcoming meetings,  create tasks directly from Slack channel messages, and even share your Scheduling Links to set up new meetings in less than a minute. 

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Slack status sync: Automatically updates your Slack status based on your calendar events (e.g., "In a meeting," "Focus Time").
  • Custom statuses: Create and customize statuses for different types of events or activities.
  • Scheduling links: Easily share your availability for meetings directly in Slack conversations or channels.
  • Task management: Create, manage, and reschedule tasks directly within Slack.
  • Agenda view: Access your daily agenda with event details and actions (join, start, reschedule) in Slack.
  • Notifications: Get reminders and updates about your upcoming tasks and meetings in Slack and get notified when new meetings are booked through your Scheduling Links.
  • Command shortcuts: Quickly access Reclaim features using slash commands (e.g., "/reclaim agenda” or “/scheduling-link").
  • Do Not Disturb: Automatically enables Do Not Disturb mode during focus time or important events.

Reclaim pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $8/month

2. Calendly 

Calendly is a scheduling automation platform that eliminates the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet by allowing you to share your availability through easy meeting links. Just like Reclaim.ai, invitees can book time with you directly from there and automatically get the meeting added to both of your calendars. It's a time-saver for busy professionals who schedule numerous meetings, as well as for individuals who want to streamline their booking processes. Calendly is also a customer-friendly tool, allowing clients, prospects, or colleagues to easily schedule time with you without any hassle. 

The Calendly Slack integration makes it easier than ever to beam your availability to teammates or clients right within your Slack conversations. No more app switching or hunting for free slots – just share a Calendly link, get notified when meetings are booked, and even see a daily rundown of your schedule, all without leaving Slack. 

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Share Calendly links easily within Slack: You can use the /calendly shortcut or a Share button to post your Calendly links directly in Slack messages or channels.
  • Preview event details: When you share a link, it provides a preview of the event details, making it easier for others to decide if they want to book time with you.
  • Get notifications in Slack: You can receive automatic notifications in Slack when a meeting is booked or updated through Calendly.

Calendly pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $10/month 

3. Eventbot

Eventbot is a calendar tool specifically built for Slack that allows you to see your calendar and collect RSVPs for team events within messages and channels. This gives your team the power to use their Slack account as a central place for tracking who's in and who's out for team events. You can also create shared calendars for your Slack channels so everyone can see each other's availability and events. 

What’s great about the Eventbot Slack integration is they allow you to import and export events from all popular calendar apps, like Google Calendar, Outlook, Apple, and more, for a centralized view, even if you’re working across multiple calendar platforms.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Create events inside Slack: Easily create and manage events without leaving your Slack workspace.
  • Reminders & time zones: Set up automatic reminders and guarantee everyone is aware of event times across different time zones.
  • Invite users & collect RSVPs: Seamlessly invite team members and track their responses to events.
  • See a visual calendar in Slack: View upcoming events and schedules in a clear and visually appealing calendar format within Slack.
  • Schedule recurring events: Automate the scheduling of recurring events like team meetings or weekly stand-ups.
  • Track holidays & sick days: Keep track of team members' time off and avoid scheduling conflicts due to holidays or sick days.
  • Import & export events: Easily transfer events to and from other calendar platforms for seamless integration.

Eventbot pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $29/month 

Project management apps

4. Monday.com

Monday.com is an all-in-one work management platform for all types of teams and departments, including sales, marketing, software development, HR, and IT. The platform allows you to plan, manage and track all of your tasks and campaigns across deadlines, set up automations for repetitive work, and visualize your work using various view options. Monday.com offers customizable boards that can be adapted to various use cases and offer different views like Kanban, Gantt charts, timelines, and calendars to visualize work and facilitate collaboration.

The Monday.com Slack integration supercharges your team's collaboration and productivity by connecting your project management and communication tools. By bringing key Monday.com functionalities directly into Slack, this integration eliminates the need to constantly switch between platforms, saving you valuable time and effort. Stay on top of your projects with real-time notifications delivered straight to your Slack channels, keeping everyone in the loop and on top of their deadlines.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Create new tasks & projects from Slack: Turn messages or ideas from Slack conversations directly into tasks or projects in Monday.com.
  • Send updates from Monday.com to Slack: Notify team members in Slack channels or direct messages when tasks are updated, deadlines approach, or milestones are reached.
  • Collaborate more efficiently: Keep discussions and project updates centralized, avoiding the need to switch between platforms.
  • Customizable notifications: Choose which events trigger notifications and who should receive them, so relevant information reaches the right people.

Monday.com pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $12/month

5. Trello

Trello is another popular project management tool you can use to organize projects, people, and content through both list and board formats. Trello uses a kanban style for creating and organizing lists which makes it easy to visualize work at various stages. The Trello app is especially popular throughout small teams as it offers an easy way to see what’s moving, who’s moving it, and what’s in the queue while collaborating with your team.

With the Trello Slack integration, Trello cards materialize directly within Slack conversations, transforming them into dynamic hubs of project activity. This eliminates the tedious app-switching shuffle, allowing teams to dissect tasks, brainstorm solutions, and address roadblocks without missing a beat. Automated notifications act as a vigilant project assistant, keeping everyone in the loop on critical Trello updates without the need for constant manual check-ins.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Card previews in Slack: When a Trello link is shared in Slack, a preview of the card automatically appears, displaying essential information like members, descriptions, due dates, and comments.
  • Create Trello cards from Slack: Users can create new Trello cards directly from Slack without switching between apps.
  • Slack notifications for Trello updates: Teams can receive notifications in Slack channels whenever changes are made to Trello cards, such as adding comments, moving cards, or changing due dates.
  • Join cards & boards from Slack: Team members can easily join Trello boards and cards directly from Slack.
  • Attach Slack conversations to Trello cards: Conversations in Slack can be attached to Trello cards for context and reference.

Trello pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $5/month 

6. Todoist

Todoist is a simple task manager that allows you to create and manage both tasks and small projects from anywhere. It makes it easy to capture, organize, and prioritize tasks, projects, and even larger goals. With its intuitive interface, powerful features, and integration with popular platforms like Slack, Todoist empowers you to stay focused, productive, and on top of everything you need to accomplish, no matter where you're working.

And the Todoist Slack integration gives you the power to merge your task list with your team's conversations. Imagine effortlessly turning those fleeting Slack mentions of "to-dos" into actionable Todoist tasks, all without leaving the chat. It's like having a personal task manager in your Slack workspace, reminding everyone what needs to get done. No more forgotten assignments and frantic app-switching – just streamlined collaboration and a crystal-clear view of your team's progress.

Here’s what you can do in Slack: 

  • Create tasks directly in Slack: Use the /todoist command to create tasks without leaving Slack, including due dates, labels, and project assignments.
  • Convert Slack messages into tasks: Easily turn any Slack message into a Todoist task by clicking the three-dot menu.
  • Complete tasks from Slack: Manage and mark tasks as complete within Slack, streamlining your workflow.
  • Assign & update tasks: Assign tasks to teammates or update who a task is delegated to right from Slack.
  • Receive notifications: Get notified in Slack when tasks are assigned to you or when changes are made to your tasks.

Todoist pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $5/month 

7. Asana

Asana is a project management tool that lets you organize your projects and tasks across teams, and set automations for approvals and status updates. Asana offers multiple view layouts to fit your preferences: kanban style, timeline, calendar, and list. This variety is helpful for people who like to digest their workflow in different formats, and for teams who like to customize how they view their projects, sprints, and everyday tasks.

The Asana Slack integration is more than just a bridge between two tools – it's a catalyst for unlocking the full potential of Asana's robust project management features. By transforming Slack conversations into actionable Asana tasks, complete with assignees, due dates, and project context, teams can effortlessly maintain momentum and avoid letting important details fall through the cracks. Real-time notifications in Slack keep team members on top of task updates, while the ability to complete tasks, add comments, and even adjust due dates without leaving Slack can streamline your team's workflows.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Turn Slack messages into Asana tasks: Easily convert conversations into actionable tasks with a few clicks.
  • Get Asana notifications in Slack: Receive real-time updates on task assignments, changes, due dates, and completions within Slack channels.
  • Take action on tasks from Slack: Complete, comment on, or update tasks without leaving your Slack workspace.
  • Link Slack channels to Asana projects: Keep specific channels automatically informed about project progress with notifications and updates.
  • View Asana task details in Slack: Get quick access to task details, assignees, due dates, and descriptions directly in Slack.
  • Customize notification preferences: Choose which types of notifications you want to receive in Slack to stay focused and informed.

Asana pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $10.99/month

Status update apps 

8. Loom

Loom is a video messaging platform for work that allows you to record and share video messages and screen recordings to provide updates on the status of your projects. Ideal for both in-office and remote teams, Loom offers a quick way to share updates when you’re not able to connect for video meetings or have time to write up a lengthy explanation via email. The recording tool also offers easy editing to trim the length or add a call-to-action button, and control access with privacy and password settings.

With the Loom Slack integration, you can easily replace endless text threads and time-consuming meetings with dynamic videos. Loom videos are embedded directly into Slack channels and threads, resulting in a more collaborative environment without disrupting workflow. And, with real-time notifications when someone views or interacts with your video, you can rest assured that your message is being heard.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Record & share videos easily: Start a Loom recording from Slack using the /loom command or by clicking the Loom icon in the message field.
  • Watch videos in context: Loom videos embed directly in Slack, so your team can watch them without leaving the conversation.
  • Get notifications: Receive notifications in Slack when someone watches or comments on your Loom videos.
  • Search & discover: Find the Loom videos you need with Slack's powerful search functionality.

Loom pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $12.50/month

9. Standuply

Standuply is a project management assistant that automates management processes and internal Q&A for teams. The app allows you to run asynchronous standup meetings, retro meetings, backlog grooming, planning meetings, team mood check-ins, and more via text, voice, and video. Additionally, Standuply’s internal Q&A system provides a shared knowledge space to find answers to common team questions, or funnel new questions to the relevant internal or external subject matter expert.

Standuply's Slack integration can transform daily standups into streamlined, asynchronous updates. This eliminates time-wasting meetings while allowing teams to effortlessly share progress, surface roadblocks, and maintain transparency. Standuply helps teams stay on the same page, clearly see what's happening, and make better decisions together. By gathering updates and making them easy to see, it becomes simpler for everyone to understand where things stand and what needs to be done next.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Automated standup meetings: Schedule recurring standups and receive automatic reminders for team members to share their updates, blockers, and plans directly within Slack.
  • Customizable templates: Create tailored question templates for your standup meetings to gather specific information relevant to your team's needs.
  • Flexible response formats: Team members can respond to standup questions in various formats like text, voice messages, or video clips.
  • Report aggregation: Standuply compiles all responses into a summarized report, providing an overview of the team's progress and potential challenges.
  • Integration with task trackers: Connect Standuply with popular task management tools like Jira, Trello, or Asana to track progress and link updates to specific tasks.
  • Retrospective meetings: Facilitate asynchronous retrospective meetings where team members can share feedback and discuss ways to improve their processes.
  • Team mood check-ins: Regularly assess the team's morale and identify potential issues through quick mood surveys.
  • Private & group conversations: Standuply allows private conversations between team members and the bot, as well as group discussions for brainstorming and collaboration.
  • Customizable reminders & notifications: Set up reminders and notifications to ensure everyone stays on track and participates in standup meetings.

Standuply pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $2/month

10. Range

Range is an asynchronous standup app created for hybrid and remote teams. Easily check in with your team through structured updates so you can stay on top of your projects and reduce meetings without interrupting the flow of work. Range supports both real-time and asynchronous updates to connect on goals, check-ins, and meetings through simple templates to support your projects.

With Range's Slack integration, you can weave check-ins and progress updates directly into Slack, transforming mundane status reports into dynamic conversations. Forget juggling multiple apps – Range centralizes communication, allowing your team to focus on their most important work. Gentle nudges replace nagging reminders, nurturing a culture of accountability without micromanagement.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Check-in sharing: Easily share Range check-ins (including daily updates, goals, and moods) directly in Slack channels.
  • In-Slack collaboration: Discuss and comment on check-ins within Slack threads, promoting communication and teamwork.
  • Notifications & reminders: Receive notifications in Slack channels about important updates, such as meeting notes, goal progress, or reminders to complete check-ins.
  • Customization: Configure which channels receive Range notifications and customize reminder frequency to align with team preferences.
  • Streamlined workflow: Experience less context switching by incorporating Range check-ins directly into Slack, where teams often communicate and collaborate.
  • Enhanced visibility: Keep everyone informed about team progress, blockers, and moods for a more transparent and connected workplace.

Range pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $8/month

HR & team building apps

11. Vacation Tracker

Vacation Tracker is a leave tracking tool for managing leaves of absences for teams. The app allows you to track PTO, conference time, sick leave, work-from-home time, and any other type of leave you might need to measure. 

With Vacation Tracker's Slack integration, the process of requesting and approving time off becomes easier for both employees and managers. Bringing leave management directly into Slack saves everyone time. Team members stay informed about upcoming absences through notifications, while managers can easily oversee requests and balances. This helps improve communication and coordination around time off, ultimately leading to a smoother workflow for the entire team.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Request time off: Employees can submit time off requests directly within Slack using simple commands.
  • View leave balances: Check remaining leave balances and upcoming absences without leaving Slack.
  • Notifications & approvals:  Managers receive notifications of pending requests and can approve or deny them within Slack.
  • Automatic Slack status updates:  Automatically updates Slack status to "Out of Office" when on leave.
  • Calendar syncing:  Syncs leave information with Slack's shared calendar for team visibility.
  • Customizable notifications: Tailor notifications for the entire organization, specific departments, or individual employees.
  • Leave history: Easily access leave history and details within Slack.
  • Support for multiple leave types: Accommodates various types of leave like vacation, sick leave, personal days, etc.

Vacation Tracker pricing: Paid plans starting at $1/user/month ($25 minimum)

12. Bonusly

Bonusly is an employee recognition and rewards platform that allows you to show appreciation to your team through redeemable points and digital gift cards across hundreds of brands. Easily recognize new hires, birthdays, team milestones, work anniversaries, and any other celebration in your company culture through one easy-to-manage system, and automate insights on your rewards and recognition trends across the team.

Bonusly's Slack integration simplifies employee recognition and appreciation within the familiar workspace. By enabling quick recognition with the /give command and providing real-time notifications, Bonusly encourages a culture of appreciation directly in Slack. This seamless integration encourages regular positive feedback, improves team morale, and ultimately, increases engagement among employees.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • In-Slack recognition: Give bonuses directly within Slack using the /bonusly give command or through the Bonusly app.
  • Customizable recognition: Align recognition with company values by creating custom bonus reasons that reflect your unique culture.
  • Notifications & visibility: Get notified in Slack when you receive a bonus and make recognition visible to the team in dedicated channels.
  • Redeem rewards from Slack: View your bonus balance and browse the rewards catalog without leaving Slack.
  • #bonusly Slack channel: Create a dedicated channel to view a feed of recent bonuses and celebrate team achievements.
  • Automated bonus reminders: Set recurring reminders to encourage regular recognition and maintain momentum.

Bonusly pricing: paid plans starting at $5/month 

13. Donut

Donut is a team socialization tool designed for Slack to help team members connect for virtual coffee, peer learning, DEI discussions, or any other shared interest across your company. You can create your own unique connection templates, or use one of Donut’s prebuilt programs leveraging the best of remote organizations. Donut helps you to boost employee-to-employee engagement, intro to team members, and promote team collaboration and a productive work environment.

Donut's Slack integration offers a simple way to connect team members and build a sense of community within your organization. By automating introductions and suggesting conversation starters, you can help break the ice and encourage interaction between colleagues (who may otherwise never meet). Donut can also be used to celebrate milestones and promote informal conversations, contributing to a more positive and engaged workplace culture.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • ​​Introductions: Automatically pairs team members for virtual coffee chats or peer learning sessions, fostering connections and breaking down silos.
  • Watercooler topics: Prompts conversations in Slack channels with thought-provoking questions or discussion starters to encourage team engagement and interaction.
  • Celebrations: Recognizes birthdays, work anniversaries, and other special occasions to create a sense of appreciation and community.
  • Connections: Facilitates onboarding buddies, mentorship programs, and other structured relationships to support new hires and promote knowledge sharing.
  • Customizable: Allows administrators to tailor Donut to their organization's specific needs and preferences, including frequency, channels, and topics.

Donut pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $119/month

14. Cloverpop

Cloverpop is a decision-tracking app specifically designed for Slack and Microsoft Teams that allows you to monitor decisions across your organization. Cloverpop helps you to keep track of when, where, and why decisions are made via polls and announcements to increase accountability and transparency into your decision making process.

Cloverpop's Slack integration is a practical tool that streamlines decision-making within teams. By bringing decision-making processes directly into Slack, it eliminates the need to switch platforms and keeps information centralized, promoting transparency and keeping everyone aware of decisions in progress as a result. The ability to track decision outcomes adds a layer of accountability and helps teams evaluate the effectiveness of their choices.

Here’s what you can do in Slack:

  • Decision polls: Quickly create and share polls in Slack to gather input and feedback from team members on important decisions.
  • Approvals: Easily request and track approvals from stakeholders directly within Slack channels.
  • Decision announcements: Share final decisions across multiple Slack channels, ensuring everyone is informed and aligned.
  • Result tracking: Monitor the progress of decisions and outcomes in real-time, providing valuable insights into decision-making effectiveness.
  • Decision search: Quickly search and find past decisions within Slack, making it easy to reference previous choices and outcomes.
  • Notifications & reminders: Get timely notifications and reminders within Slack about pending decisions, approvals, and updates.

Cloverpop pricing: Free → paid plans starting at $1/user/year

Elevate your team's productivity with the best Slack apps

These are just a few of the awesome Slack tools available through the Slack app directory to help you break into the future of work. There are quite literally hundreds of other apps available, each with their own advantages for boosting your workspace productivity, so do some exploring to see what’s best for your unique work scenario. If you come across something cool, shoot us a tweet @reclaimai!

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