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Reclaim Habits

The AI Habit Tracker & scheduling app

Let AI schedule your routines. Create smart, flexible Habits that auto-schedule in your calendar and track progress to your goals.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered features for Habits

Create smart recurring Habit events

Auto-schedule Habits at the best time

Defend tentative & flexible time slots

Reschedule for conflicts (PTO, tasks, meetings)

Set priority levels for scheduling

Schedule by day, week, month, quarter, or year

Customize event titles  privacy visibility

Manage both work & personal Habits

Prevent Slack interruptions during Habit time

Track Habit performance & goals

Recurring events, but way smarter

Defend flexible time for your Habits

Imagine a recurring event that always finds the best time in your schedule, keeping your time flexible around the most important things you need to do. Simply set your smart scheduling preferences around how much time you need, ideal days and time, and how aggressively to defend your Habit.

Stay agile & reach goals faster

Get more done every week with an AI-powered scheduling for your Habits. Whether your calendar is slammed with meetings or your task list is loaded with work, always make sure you have time for your important work routines. If something urgent is scheduled over your Habit, it will automatically shift to the next best time.

Unlock better productivity & work-life balance

fewer overtime hours/week
less context switching
more productive hours/week
more times for lunch

Analyze your Habits

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"Reclaim allows our team to make time for important work & routines, without having to tinker with our schedules or move events around. We just tell Reclaim what we need, & our calendars adapt automatically. More than anything, it makes it easy for everyone to make smart decisions about
their time."

Ron Hause

VP Analytics & Informatics, Shape Tx

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