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Reclaim Habits

The AI Habit Tracker & scheduling app

Let AI schedule your routines & track progress to your goals.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered features for Habits

Recurring AI events

Flexible time holds

Smart time windows (for scheduling)

Auto-rescheduling for conflicts (PTO, meetings, etc.)

Priority ranking

Habit tracking analytics

Work, personal, & family Habit templates

Min-to-max event durations

Slack status sync (during Habit events)

Custom privacy & visibility settings

Recurring events, but way smarter

Defend flexible time for your Habits

Imagine a recurring event that schedules itself, finding the perfect time in your calendar around your existing events. Simply set your scheduling preferences for a new Habit, and let AI help you reach your goals. 

Stay agile & reach goals faster

Tired of falling behind on your Habits? Life is chaotic, and you need consistency. Stay organized and on top of your goals with smart auto-rescheduling when work (or life) overschedules your Habit.

Unlock +100 templates to master new Habits

fewer overtime hours/week
less context switching
more productive hours/week
more times for lunch

Analyze your Habits

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"Reclaim allows our team to make time for important work & routines, without having to tinker with our schedules or move events around. We just tell Reclaim what we need, & our calendars adapt automatically. More than anything, it makes it easy for everyone to make smart decisions about
their time."

Ron Hause

VP Analytics & Informatics, Shape Tx

Which Habits will you make time for?

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