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Reclaim Buffer Time

Smart scheduling for Buffer Time & breaks

Automatically schedule flexible breaks and buffers for meetings, heads-down work, and travel to prevent back-to-back meetings and burnout.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered breaks for your day

Auto-schedule breaks after meetings

Customize which meetings to schedule after

Auto-reschedule breaks with meetings

Customize the length of your breaks

Auto-update your Slack status for breaks

Auto-schedule breaks after Task & Habits

Auto-schedule travel time (in-person events & flights)

Edit breaks in Slack, the Planner, or your calendar

Auto color-code breaks in your calendar

Analyze break time & travel time metrics

Auto-schedule & plan the breaks you need

Defend break time to decompress

Avoid back-to-back meeting days that leave you fatigued and burned out. Automatically schedule breaks after meetings or focus time sessions with AI so you have time to run to the bathroom, grab a coffee, or prepare for your next event.

Auto-schedule time for travel

Automatically schedules travel time before and after your in-person events with a detected location so you always have enough time to get where you're going. And if you have a flight scheduled, Reclaim intelligently defends extra time for airport shenanigans.

Prevent back-to-back events from burning out your team

fewer overtime hours/week
better work-life balance
less burnout
less work stress

Analyze your Time

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"I tried a bunch of different tools, then I found Reclaim and fell in love. I'm not being efficient if I'm spending 30 minutes of my day shuffling events around on my calendar. I'd rather pay for a tool that just does all of that for me, so that I can be more focused and productive."

Yann Thibodeau

Lead Full Stack Developer, Vention

What would your day look like with smart breaks?

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