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Smart scheduling app for finance teams

The smart calendar app that helps finance teams build the perfect weekly plan around high-priority tasks, routines, and meetings.

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More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

Prevent burnout, increase productivity

What's causing burnout & productivity loss in finance & accounting teams?

say lack of time for productive work
say notification & distraction fatigue
say poor work-life balance

How do finance teams use Reclaim?

  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings & breaks
  • Defend flexible time for recurring events
  • Integrate your task list + calendar
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Get more done

Defend task time on the calendar

Integrate your task list with your calendar to automatically defend time for your tasks, by priority, around your existing busy schedule.

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Keep up with your team

Find the best time for meetings

Automatically schedule all of your recurring meetings by finding mutual free time across attendees busy schedules, and auto-reschedule around PTO, meeting conflicts, and high-priority finance deadlines.

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Keep up with routines

Create recurring events that are "smart"

Find the best time for your recurring work routines around your existing schedule so you never fall behind on monthly reporting, status updates, or budget planning again.

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Book meetings faster

Send smarter Scheduling Links

Never send a crappy meeting link again! Reclaim's "high-priority" and "flexible duration" Scheduling Links understand your priorities, and books at the best time around your meeting hours, task work, and personal events.

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Track performance

Analyze weekly productivity

Want to see how much you got accomplished this week? Track how much time you spent across recurring routines, tasks, and time spent in meetings.

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“Reclaim is a godsend for those on Gmail and trying to emulate the task to calendar organizational process that was so easy in outlook before (plus some other very cool features). Huge fan.”
Blaine Browning
Senior Director at ZoomInfo
"I really love the [ClickUp] and @reclaimai integration. I tell CU when I need to get things done by, it puts those on my calendar and defends them from others scheduling over top of them as the due date approaches.”
Megan Justice EA, LTC
Tax professional
"@reclaimai is sooooo good. Turbocharge your calendar.”
Investor/Scout at 3L
"Another huge fan of Reclaim. It saves a TON of hassle. The integration with multiple calendars (I am all Google Cal) ensures you almost always never double book or, more importantly, miss kids’ events.”
Neeraj Mathur
Founder/CEO at SavingsOak

Get started with finance Habit templates

Flexibly schedule your regular finance activities at the best time in your calendar:

Happier & healthier teams

Improve work-life balance for your team

Help your team improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout with customizable working hours & meeting hours, automatic daily breaks, and personal calendar sync to build healthy work-life boundaries.

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Prevent notification fatigue

Auto-sync your Slack status

Empower your team to work more productively by limiting distractions over Slack. Simply connect your Slack workspace to sync your status to your calendar so coworkers know when you're busy and shouldn't be interrupted.

Ready to optimize your finance calendar?