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Switching Providers Discount

Get 20% off for 6 months when you switch from Calendly, Clockwise, Motion, or another smart calendar app.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim
“I was using Clockwise earlier (which someone at MLH told me). But then I found this alternative on Google, which is far better than anything out there! @reclaimai your app is really famous [in] this community!”
Yashovardhan Agrawal
Developer Relations at Web3Auth
“I was using Motion in the past for time blocking but ultimately didn’t like some aspects of the platform so I cancelled the subscription and went back to manual time blocking. Reclaim addresses these issues, and works great!”
Anthony Sette
Founder of Sparc Agency
“What’s one app you can’t live without? I’ll go first: Reclaim. ai - time management + Calendly replacement”
Toan Truong
The Learning Lab
“Most productivity tools ultimately cost me time, but this one has helped. If you like timeboxing, but find it tedious, give it a try. Scheduling links (closed beta)—like Calendly—are also included!”
Myles Loffler
Co-Founder of hedgefish
“Started using @reclaimai for making sense of my calendar. Apparently, I have a capacity of 2-3 tasks a week - Calendly totally ruined my workflow.”
Yaroslav Krempovych
VC at Movens VC


Am I eligible for the switching providers discount?

Any user or company switching from a Calendly, Clockwise, Motion, or other smart calendar/scheduling automation platform is eligible for this discount! Simply include an invoice or screenshot of the account you're switching from with your application, and we'll email you your discount code 😀

Why do you offer this discount?

It sucks to have wasted money on a subscription that wasn't right for you — while we can't get your time back spent trying to make your last scheduling app work, we can help you offset some of the cost of your last subscription.

How long does the discount last?

The discount is for 6 months for single users, but if you're migrating a team of 10 or more, we can extend the discount to 12 months.

I already purchased, can I still get the discount?

This discount is available for all new Reclaim users and teams! We can extend the discount anytime within the first 3 months of purchasing, and there's no time limit on claiming the discount from a paid Lite seat.

Which plans are eligible for the discount?

Both our Starter and Business plans are eligible for the discount. If you are interested in the Enterprise plan, please contact us to discuss an organizational rollout for your organization.