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Scheduling planner for product teams

The smart scheduling app that balances priorities, improves planning, and maximizes focus time for busy product teams.

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More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

Prevent burnout, increase productivity

What's causing burnout & productivity loss in product teams?

say too many meetings
say lack of time for productive work
say notification & distraction fatigue

How do product teams use Reclaim?

  • Defend focus time on the calendar
  • Assign & prioritize work across your team
  • Auto-schedule meetings with your team & users
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Get more done

Defend task time on the calendar

Integrate your task list with your calendar to automatically defend time for your tasks, by priority, before your due dates.

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Keep up with routines

Schedule flexible recurring events

Find the best time for your recurring work routines around your existing schedule so you never fall behind on reviewing deals, weekly status reports, or roadmap planning again.

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Build the perfect weekly plan

Automate your capacity planning

See exactly how much your team can accomplish every week by mapping your projects to your calendar availability so you can hit more goals as a team.

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Schedule smart meetings

Find the best time for your meetings

Auto-schedule your recurring team meetings, one-on-ones, and external meetings at the best time for all attendees, and book one-time meetings faster with "high-priority" Scheduling Links.

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Track performance

Analyze weekly productivity

Want to see how much you accomplished this week? Track how much time you spent across recurring routines, tasks, and time in meetings.

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“My product of the year award goes to @reclaimai. A very thoughtful product with many details that help you get organized. Give it a try!”
Alex Gogan
VP Engineering at sherpa°
"Smart 1:1s by @reclaimai are baller! I set Tue & Thur as my meeting days to keep M/W/F as days to get work done. Reclaim auto-reschedules standing meetings around everyone’s shifting calendars.”
William Chia
Product Marketing at Osano
“Ok honestly Reclaim has completely changed my work days now. Big fan of Habits especially!”
Kirsten Kilfoyle
Product Manager
“If you’re a product manager and you like your brain, I highly recommend using @reclaim to manage your time and tasks. For two years now it’s become a keystone part of my workflows, reducing decision fatigue and drudgery, and giving me more time to think.”
Amir Hajizamani
Peachy Product Practice

Get started with product Habit templates

Flexibly schedule your regular product activities at the best time in your calendar:

Happier & healthier teams

Improve work-life balance for your team

Help your team improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout with customizable working hours & meeting hours, automatic daily breaks, and personal calendar sync to build healthy work-life boundaries.

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Prevent notification fatigue

Auto-sync your Slack status

Empower your team to work more productively by limiting distractions over Slack. Simply connect your Slack workspace to sync your status to your calendar so coworkers know when you're busy and shouldn't be interrupted.

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