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AI scheduling for the perfect workweek

The smart(est) calendar app that optimizes everyone’s time for better productivity, collaboration, and work-life balance.
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The AI assistant for any calendar

Work better with your team


Manage & track all of your marketing activities


Protect no-meeting days & get more done


Defend focus time & integrate your task list


Book meetings faster & close more deals


Prevent burnout & increase productivity


Share availability & auto-schedule meetings

Get an extra day, every week

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Boost productivity via AI scheduling

Optimize scheduling across your entire organization.

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Defend focus time on the calendar

Find the best time for productive heads-down work in your calendar (while keeping your schedule flexible for changes) — so you can get more done as a team every week.

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Optimize meetings across your team

Automatically schedule meetings at the best time across your team using advanced prioritization controls — and build a more efficient meeting culture for your company.

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Improve work-life balance for everyone

Prevent burnout and turnover across your company with smart calendar controls that protect employees from forced overtime, notification interruptions, and back-to-back meeting days.

Time tracking analytics to optimize your workweek

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Integrate your favorite work tools

Communicate, collaborate, & optimize as a team.

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"Reclaim is an essential tool for our employees to stay focused on their most important work. Our managers are able to keep up with direct reports through regular flexible meetings, and automatically plan and prioritize projects across ours teams."

Raj Dutt

CEO & Co-Founder, Grafana

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