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Reclaim Time Tracking

The AI app for smart time tracking

The #1 free time tracking app that automatically analyzes your meetings, tasks, habits, & work-life balance metrics through your calendar.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

Advanced AI Time Tracking features

Time breakdown report across event types

Analyze time spent on Tasks & Habits

Compare work vs. personal time metrics

Focus Time report with most productive day

Deep work vs. shallow work time tracking

Meetings report time in each meeting type

Analyze heaviest & lightest meeting days

Analyze work-life balance metrics (PTO, overtime)

Analyze time saved through scheduling automation

Analyze historical & future time periods

Effortlessly automate your Time Tracking

Track & analyze your productivity at work

Maximize your productivity with advanced insights into which days you’re most productive, how much time you spend on Tasks, and how many hours you're spending in meetings every week. Analyze your work performance so you can cut time-wasters from your schedule and get more done.

Analyze your personal time & work-life balance

Keep yourself from burning out with key work-life balance metrics that track how many hours you’re working overtime, if you have enough time for personal activities and habits, and whether you’re taking enough PTO for vacation. You can also track your daily breaks to make sure you're not glued to your work chair all day long.

Track your time & improve your workweek

fewer overtime hours/week
more productive on average
better work-life balance
less burnout

"I’ve been using Reclaim to create 'deep work' blocks on my calendar, but as flexible time. If someone needs a meeting, they can book with me, but it makes my need for such time visible to others. Plus I get weekly metrics on where my time went!"

Peter Royal

Software Engineer, Netflix

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