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Better workweek planning for engineering teams

The smart scheduling app that defends focus time, improves capacity planning, and protects work-life balance for engineering teams.

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More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

Prevent burnout, increase productivity

What's causing burnout & productivity loss in engineering teams?

say too many meetings
say lack of time for productive work
say notification & distraction fatigue

How do engineering teams use Reclaim?

  • Defend focus time on the calendar
  • Assign & prioritize work across your team
  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with your team
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Create no-meeting days

Defend your calendar from unnecessary meetings

Protect your engineering team from too many meetings so they can focus on their actual work during the week, and avoid work flowing into their nights and weekends.

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Get more work done

Integrate your task list & calendar

Integrate your project management app to automatically defend time for your engineering tasks right in your calendar, by priority, before they're due.

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Better sprint planning

Optimize capacity planning for your team

See exactly how much your team can accomplish every sprint by visualizing how many tasks can be taken on with their calendar availability - and see what's low-priority that can be kicked out.

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Keep up with your team

Find the best time for meetings

Automatically find free time every week across all attendees busy schedules with Smart Meetings, and auto-reschedule around high-priority tasks, meeting conflicts, or PTO.

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Track performance

Analyze your productivity

Want to see what your week looked like? Track your productivity across recurring routines, tasks, time in meetings, and make sure you take enough personal time every week.

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“Just setting up my @reclaim calendar and loving the vibe already. Highly recommended to developers, DevRels, programmers and software engineers!”
"I don’t normally rave about software here, but, “in these uncertain times,” working from home has made defending my time on my work calendar SO HARD….You *have* to check out  @reclaimai. It’ll do it for you.”
Dustin Miller
“Woah. @reclaimai just changed my life when it comes to privately and easily managing my personal calendar from my work calendar“
Philip Lakin
Co-Founder & CEO at Switchboard
“Started using @reclaimai this week and holy crap - this is exactly what I’ve been wanting for years. Flexible, rules-based systems for reserving time for exercise and lunch without creating scheduling headaches for colleagues. Stress levels lower already.”
Nigel Kersten
VP of Engineering at Synadia

Get started with engineering Habit templates

Flexibly schedule your regular engineering activities at the best time in your calendar:

Happier & healthier teams

Improve work-life balance for your team

Help your team improve job satisfaction and reduce burnout with customizable working hours & meeting hours, automatic daily breaks, and personal calendar sync to build healthy work-life boundaries.

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Prevent notification fatigue

Auto-sync your Slack status

Empower your team to work more productively by limiting distractions over Slack. Simply connect your Slack workspace to sync your status to your calendar so coworkers know when you're busy and shouldn't be interrupted.

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