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Reclaim Tasks

The AI Task Manager & scheduling app

Let AI be your Task Manager. Automatically schedule smart time blocks for Tasks on your calendar so you can get more done every week.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered features for Tasks

Auto-schedule flexible time for Tasks

Defend time for Tasks before your due date

Set & schedule Tasks by smart priority levels

Reschedule for conflicts (PTO, tasks, meetings)

Integrate ClickUp, Asana, Jira, Todoist, & more

Use 'Up Next' to take control of urgent work

Break up Tasks across multiple work sessions

Manage both work & personal to-dos

Prevent Slack interruptions during focus time

Track time on Tasks & productivity trends

Get Tasks done, before they're due

Schedule time for your Tasks & get more done

No more late nights and weekends spent catching up on your to-do list. Auto-schedule Tasks right to your calendar so you always have focus time protected throughout the workday. Break larger projects into manageable time blocks, sync items from the project apps you're already using, and never miss a deadline again.

Keep your calendar flexible for Tasks

Get the time you need for Tasks blocked on the calendar – without jamming up your availability. Defend tentative time for Tasks, and as your schedule fills up and you near your due date, your Task time will lock into place. Simply prioritize your to-dos to control how they schedule around other smart events so you can create more time for productivity and collaboration.

Teams check more off their Task list every week

more productive hours/week
less time wasted/week
better team prioritization
less decision paralysis

Analyze your Tasks

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Integrate your project management app

Schedule work from your task list to your calendar:

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"I like to plan, but I kept coming up against 'I planned and I planned, but I forgot to put time on the calendar to actually DO it' problem. Reclaim solved that almost overnight. I use the Asana and Slack integration features & my calendar is on fire. All of my tasks flow right into my schedule through AI, and shift when a new meeting comes in."

Lindsay Dagiantis

Fractional People Ops Leader, blueprinthr.co

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