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Reclaim Calendar Sync

Combine schedules with Calendar Sync

Juggling calendars sucks. Calendar Sync automatically merges events across unlimited calendars so you're never double-booked again.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

The #1 multi-Calendar Sync solution

Auto-copy events between calendars

Block availability to prevent overscheduling

Sync unlimited calendars

Keep your personal events private

Auto-update edits to original events

Visibility settings to keep event details discreet

Choose which event types to sync

Auto-schedule time for travel around events

Create bi-directional calendar syncs

Managed all calendar invites in Slack

All your calendars, in one place

Prevent overbookings across calendars

No more getting double booked because your team couldn't see you were busy on another calendar. Sync as many additional calendars as you’d like to your main schedule to manage your true availability in one place. So whether you're juggling a personal or family calendar, or many client schedules – you never get overbooked again.

Keep personal events private

Defend your personal events on your work calendar without oversharing personal details with your team. Control how synced events show up on your work calendar so coworkers can see you're busy, but just that you have a 'Personal Commitment' – not a colonoscopy!

Unify your calendars, get better work-life balance

fewer overtime hours/week
better work-life balance
more productive hours/week
less burnout

"Before Reclaim, I spent hours regularly trying to sync calendars across various scheduling tools. But meetings would still get jumbled up or double booked. When I came across Reclaim last year, it was the best, easiest, and fastest way to sync across calendars, share availability, and create space between meetings. I can't imagine life without Reclaim."

Saif Akhtar

Co-founder - Horizon-labs.co

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