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Reclaim Planner

The Planner app for Google Calendar

Automatically create the perfect daily plan with AI time blocking for all of your tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks.

More than 260,000 people across 35,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered daily Planner features

Automate your daily plan, priorities, & tasks

Manage your Priorities & make edits to your events

Adjust priority of non-Reclaim events for availability

Manage your Task list & stay focused

'Up Next' bucket for urgent Tasks

Start, stop, reschedule, or skip your smart events

Join meetings directly from the Planner

Customize your calendar day view

Automatically color-code your Planner & calendar

Integrate your calendar, task list, Slack, & Zoom

The #1 Planner app for productivity

Automate your weekly planning & scheduling

Create the perfect plan for each day to maximize your productivity and work-life balance. Simply organize everything you want to do by priority, and automatically find the best time for your tasks, habits, meetings, and personal events across your calendar. You can even manage the priority level of non-Reclaim events to free up more time slots for urgent meetings.

Manage your Tasks, Habits, & meetings

Stay on top of your daily plan in the Planner. Easily start, stop, skip, restart, or reschedule your Tasks and Habits across your calendar to stay in control of your time. And if a conflict comes up over one of your smart events, AI will automatically reschedule it to the next best time. You can even sync your Slack status to know when you're busy to reduce notification fatigue.

Teams with a smart daily plan get more done

fewer overtime hours/week
less context switching
more productive hours/week
improved prioritization

Integrate your favorite work tools

Communicate, collaborate, & optimize as a team.

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"I live and breathe Reclaim! I love the product they have built; I would not be able to meet half as many people as I do at work without Reclaim. The brilliant tasks, the automatic 1-on-1 scheduling, the scheduling link that moves the meeting as your day evolves, etc. Love it!"

Fabrice Kabongo

Director of Engineering, Delivery Hero/Talabat

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