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Reclaim Hours

Schedule smarter working hours with AI

Set smarter, auto-adapting working hours to schedule the perfect workweek, improve team productivity and enhance work-life balance.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered Scheduling Hours

Meeting Hours for your Smart Meetings & links

Working Hours for work Tasks & Habits

Personal Hours for private smart & synced events

Set scheduling days & times for your Hours

Add multiple time ranges to a single day

Create Custom Hours for additional templates

Automate event color-coding by category

Manually set your time zone in Reclaim

Prevent work events scheduling during off-time

Manage meeting availability to protect focus time

Auto-schedule events at the ideal time

Set your Working, Meeting, & Personal Hours

Automate your daily schedule around your availability preferences. Set your custom Working, Meeting, & Personal Hours for what days and hours your Habits, Tasks, and meetings schedule during by default. Defend more time for focused work, schedule meetings at the best time, and better protect your work-life boundaries.

Create Custom Hours for more scheduling control

You can get even more control over your availability with Custom Hours. Build out additional scheduling templates for when specific smart events get scheduled to create a weekly plan that works the way you do. Custom Hours make it easy to automate whatever you want to make time for, for example day themes, deep work hours, or different client meeting days.

Set your work hours to defend the workday & prevent overtime

fewer overtime hours/week
less context switching
more productive hours/week
more times for lunch

"Reclaim does everything I want, cleanly and clearly. I love the adaptive holds on time, the ability to set smart recurring items, and the way it shows everything together seamlessly."

Ian P. Cook

Chief Technology Officer, Knoema at Seek

What does your ideal workweek look like?

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