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Set your working hours schedule

Customize your working, meeting, and personal hours to perfectly schedule your workweek — improve team productivity and work-life balance.

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Set your working hours schedule
More than 240,000 people across 35,000 companies are active with Reclaim

Set your work hours

Set your work hours

The average workweek is 45.8 hours long! 😩 Customize your weekly work hours to keep your work Tasks and Habits within the workday (and protect your nights and weekends).

Set your meeting hours

Set your meeting hours

The average pro attends 25.6 meetings/week — tired of meeting in your personal time, or core productive hours? Customize your meeting hours so all of your Smart 1:1 Meetings and Scheduling Link meetings are booked at an ideal time.

A must-have for distributed or remote teams. 💪

Set your personal hours

Set your personal hours

Protect your work-life balance and individual goals by setting your personal hours — automatically schedule your personal Tasks, Habits, or Scheduling Link meetings in your free time.

Create custom hours

Create custom hours

Want to focus on specific Tasks or Habits in the mornings, and meet with certain people in the afternoon? Create custom hours to control exactly when your smart calendar events will be scheduled.

Prevent forced overtime

Prevent forced overtime

60.2% of employees are burned out. 🤯 Improve work-life balance with Reclaim.ai — so your team can optimize their workday around their most productive hours, and prevent their work from spilling into their personal time.

Track time on work vs. meetings

Track time on work vs. meetings

63.4% of employees don't have enough focus time in the workweek — they're jammed up in meetings. Get your calendars under control by analyzing how much time is spent in meetings vs. productive work.

How does it work?

1. Sign up for Reclaim

Sign up for Reclaim to get started with Reclaim’s integration for Slack. You must be a Reclaim user to connect Slack with Reclaim.

2. Add to Slack

Once logged into Reclaim, go to Settings > Integrations. Tap the Add to Slack button.

3. Create Tasks, share Scheduling Links, & more

Once connected you’ll be able to:

  • Use the /reclaim shortcut to quickly create Tasks, share a Scheduling Link, or update your settings
  • Update your status automatically when events on your calendar begin
  • View your agenda & manage tasks

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