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Reclaim Smart Meetings

The AI scheduler app for Smart Meetings

Automatically find the best times for all of your regular team meetings with Smart Meetings, the world’s smartest AI meeting scheduler.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered features for Smart Meetings

Auto-schedule your recurring meetings

Find the best time for all attendees

Defend tentative & flexible meeting slots

Reschedule for conflicts (PTO, tasks, meetings)

Set priority levels & dependencies

Set any frequency, min/max duration, & ideal day

Tag "optional" attendees to free up availability

Detect & convert meetings in one click

Invite Reclaim & non-Reclaim attendees

Track time in meetings & meeting types

The smartest meeting scheduler in the world

Schedule your team's meetings at the perfect time

Put all of the recurring meetings at your company on autopilot – from one-on-ones, to daily standups, to team meetings. Simply convert your regular meetings in a few clicks, and they'll automatically start finding the best time every week for all attendees. You set the ideal day and time, who all needs to be there (and those optional attendees too), and let AI do the rest.

Auto-reschedule around meeting conflicts & PTO

Conflicts are an inevitable part of a busy workplace – new opportunities arise, priorities shift, and we occasionally need some time off. And for the first time ever, your smart calendar can keep your meetings flexible for changes. No more conflicts across time zones, meetings scheduled during your focus hours, or empty meeting rooms when half the team is on PTO. If a Smart Meeting is overscheduled for a required attendee, Reclaim will automatically find the next best time in the calendar.

Unlock better collaboration with your team

hours/week saved scheduling
fewer bad meetings/week
better work-life balance
fewer overtime hours/week

Analyze your Meetings

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"This is by far the best calendar app I've used. I've gotten my whole company on it. I use the Google Tasks integration with it on my phone a lot, and it syncs my business and personal calendars too. The Smart Meetings feature is also amazing. We use it for basically all of our meetings."

Matthew Wraith

Director of Engineering, Bitnomial, Inc

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