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Features & integrations
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Automatically schedule tasks to your calendar around your existing calendar events, by priority, before their due dates.
Flexible time blocking
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Keeps your schedule flexible with smart "free" and "busy" controls based on how busy your schedule is to maximize availability while defending your time.
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Pricing for paid plans using an annual subscription.
$8-$12 per month
$6.75-$11.50 per month
Robust free plan
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Reclaim offers a free forever tier that includes access to most of the platform. Clockwise offers a highly restricted free tier that makes it nearly impossible for teams to try before they buy.
Flexible time blocking
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Reclaim keeps your schedule flexible with smart "free" and "busy" controls to keep your calendar open, while defending your time. Clockwise's automatically reschedules "holds" for events, but immediately blocks out that time out on the calendar reducing availability.
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Reclaim automatically schedules tasks around your events by priority and due date, splitting larger projects into manageable blocks. Clockwise books tasks as one-time events with limited settings.
Habits / recurring routines
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Automatically block time for recurring routines using smart time windows and priority controls with Reclaim. Clockwise's routine holds repeat but lack advanced scheduling settings.
Prioritized scheduling
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Set priorities for all events on your calendar and automatically reprioritize your schedule around your most important work and meetings when plans change.
Custom Hours
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Set fully customized hours for when you want you meetings, habits, tasks, and personal smart events to schedule. Clockwise only allows you to set your available hours for meetings.
Focus time
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Create generic time blocks of "focus time" to defend this time from meetings on your calendar.
No-meeting days
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Defend entire days on your calendar every week from Reclaim and non-Reclaim created meetings, so you can focus on task work without interruptions with Reclaim. Clockwise's no-meeting days prevent the booking of only Clockwise-created meetings.
Calendar sync
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Reclaim supports unlimited calendar syncs with advanced privacy settings for all your personal and work calendars. Clockwise offers only one-way sync from personal to work calendars without custom visibility settings.
Target calendars
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Schedule your smart tasks, habits, and meetings directly to different target calendars.
Advanced privacy controls
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Customize how your events appear to your team, with either full details, busy blocks, or custom titles and descriptions based off of the event type to communicate more context around your schedule.
Travel time
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Automatically schedule travel time before and after calendar events with physical locations.
Smart meetings
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Automatically schedule recurring meetings at the best time for everyone on the invite with Smart Meetings at Reclaim. Clockwise's meeting feature doesn't offer the same level of prioritization or flexibility.
Scheduling links
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Share scheduling links so people can automatically book available time on your calendar. Unlike Clockwise, Reclaim lets you share prioritized scheduling links for maximum availability by displaying lower-priority events as open slots.
Max bookings
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Set the maximum number of meetings that can be booked per day or week for a scheduling link.
Productivity stats / time tracking
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Reclaim provides detailed productivity stats on you and your team's time spend in meetings, routines, and tasks. Clockwise offers limited insights on Focus Time and meetings, available only through its Chrome extension.
Smart meeting breaks
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Automatically schedule meeting breaks after any calendar event with a video conferencing link to reduce back-to-back meetings.
In-app calendar view
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Manage your schedule right in the app, drag-and-drop tasks, log time, create new habits, and prioritize your workweek.
Future time blocking
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Reclaim allows you to block up to 12 weeks in the future, while Clockwise only supports 1 full week of future time blocking.
Manual changes
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Clockwise fights with you when you try to make manual changes to your Autopilot meetings and Focus Time; Reclaim built a system that is both automated and human-friendly.
Slack integration
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Automatically sync your Slack status to your calendar (note, Clockwise does not support custom Slack statuses, or allow you to manage your schedule from Slack).
Zoom integration
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Automatically add Zoom links to your smart calendar meetings (note, Clockwise does not sync your Zoom status to Slack).
Google Workspace Add-on
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A rich integration that sits directly within Google Calendar and Gmail to allow you to control Reclaim without leaving the app. Clockwise offers a Chrome extension.
Google Meet integration
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Automatically add Google Meet links to your smart calendar meetings.
Google Tasks integration
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Automatically find the best time for your Google Tasks to-dos, by priority, before their due dates, around your existing calendar events.
Todoist integration
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Automatically find the best time for your Todoist tasks, by priority, before their due dates, around your existing calendar events.
Jira integration
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Automatically find the best time for your Jira tasks, by priority, before their due dates, around your existing calendar events.
Linear integration
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Automatically find the best time for your Linear issues, by priority, before their due dates, around your existing calendar events.
Asana integration
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Automatically find the best time for your Asana tasks, by priority, before their due dates, around your existing calendar events.
Raycast integration
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Leverage a Reclaim command launcher for Mac that allows you to quickly create tasks, share scheduling links, see upcoming calendar events, start events, and join meetings on the fly.
Free priority support
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Free email and live chat support to all users with an average response time of <1h. Clockwise only offers support via email and takes several days to respond to issues.
SSO & SCIM user provisioning
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Automatically provision & deprovision Reclaim users via SCIM as well as dedicated SSO support.
Security Reviews
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Dedicated security & vendor reviews.

AI-driven priority scheduling

Clockwise is really good at putting generic time blocks on the calendar. But the problem is, everyone on your team quickly starts ignoring them because it's unclear if this time is really being used for anything important.

Reclaim's AI helps you flexibly make time for the real work you need to get done. With hundreds of templates available, you can map out your recurring routines as well as your Task work so it's defended by priority on the calendar. And with Reclaim's advanced priority settings, you and your team can stay focused on your most important meetings and work without distraction.

More project management integrations

Since Clockwise focuses more on generic Focus Time blocks, they haven't invested much development into project and task management (outside of Asana).

But Reclaim integrates with all popular project management apps, including Asana, ClickUp, Jira, Todoist, Linear, and even Google Tasks. It allows your entire team to automatically block time for tasks right to their calendar (and managers to assign and prioritize work across the team) so you can improve capacity planning and actually work towards achievable goals you can reach.

Real AI meetings

While Clockwise can help move around the meetings you mark as flexible, users have also found this very limiting. It only works for internal meetings, and will only move them around once a day.

Reclaim's Smart Meetings uses AI to automatically find the best time for all attendees (both internal and external) around their real-time availability. And Reclaim offers way more advanced meeting controls like min/max durations, priority-driven scheduling, and dependencies so you can automate your meeting schedule exactly how you want it.

More than 300,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim
“After having used Cron for a long while and Clockwise and a ton of other tools I feel like I've arrived at Reclaim. So big congrats to that achievement to serve my weird calendar behavior & needs. Love you folks!”
Florian Greinus
Managing Director, Hubblr

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