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Reclaim People Analytics

The AI app for people analytics

The AI analytics tool to improve team focus time, meetings, and work-life balance — without intrusive employee monitoring.

More than 290,000 people across 40,000 companies are active with Reclaim

AI-powered team time tracking

Team time tracking across activities

Non-intrusive stats averaged across the team

Analyze time spend in different meeting types

Identify team's heaviest & lightest meeting days

Analyze hours defended for Tasks & Habits

Optimize capacity planning for your team

Maximize workforce productivity

Analyze work-life balance metrics

Identify burnout risk warnings early

View future analytics to stay on track with goals

Productivity-focused workforce analytics

Team time tracking (without being creepy)

Meet productivity tracking software, without the Big Brother vibes. People Analytics are averaged across all team members and reported collectively vs. individual employee stats – so you can identify areas of improvement for your entire team without excessive monitoring. Key work-life balance metrics help to analyze risk warnings like overtime or lack of vacation/PTO, so you can help prevent burnout and turnover at your company.

Track productivity across the team

Track productivity stats across the team to improve operational efficiency. Analyze time spent in different meetings vs. how many hours the team is able to defend for productive work across Tasks and Habits, so you can realign schedules to meet team goals. Free up more time for focused work, reduce inefficient meetings, and protect work-life balance.

Empower team productivity & work-life balance

fewer overtime hours/week
less context switching
more productive hours/week
more times for lunch

"Reclaim works with our calendars to help us block time and figure out our priorities for the week. As far as productivity tools go, it's at the top of the pack. It helps our team maximize time and plan their schedules in a realistic way. It also supports us in creating smart habits that help to get the most out of our work days."

The InnerSpaceHQ team

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