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Defend "no‑meeting days" for deep work

The average professional has 70% more meetings since the pandemic - 25.6/week! Don't let meetings overrun your calendar. Defend no-meeting days to reduce distractions, increase productivity, and auto-schedule focus time for deep work.

How to get started

1. Connect Google Calendar

Connect your existing Google Calendar at Reclaim so you can optimize your schedule and protect work days with no meetings.

2. Block your no-meeting day

Create a recurring all-day event in Google Calendar titled "No-Meeting Day" for your preferred day of the week (no-meeting Wednesday, no-meeting Friday, etc!) and add the tag #reclaim_free to the event description. This defends you from meetings, but allows you to auto-schedule your Tasks and Habits by priority!

3. Auto-schedule your Tasks & Habits

With Reclaim smart time blocking, you can auto-schedule your recurring Habits for things like weekly reports, coding sessions, even lunch! And integrate your Task list to block focus time for your most important to-dos, by priority, throughout your no-meeting day.

4. Stay focused & prevent interruptions

Automatically protect your meeting-free days so you can focus on productive, heads-down work, and limit harmful distractions that cause you to multitask and context switch between tasks. You can even sync your Slack status and DND so your team knows when you really don't want to be interrupted!
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