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14 Best Goal Tracker Apps for 2024
May 28, 2024

Looking for a goal-tracking app to set and track your goals? If you’re struggling to make progress on your daily tasks and long-term aspirations, it’s time to get organized. 

Reaching your professional or personal goals can feel like an uphill battle when you’re already so busy. Even with the best intentions, it’s hard to stay consistent when life and work throw a hundred new challenges your way every day. But tracking habits and managing your time doesn’t have to be challenging if you’re tracking goals with the right tools.

Ready to get started on your goals? Here are the 14 best goal-tracking apps of 2024.

The top 14 goal tracker apps

  1. Reclaim.ai
  2. Strides
  3. ClickUp
  4. Todoist
  5. TickTick
  6. Trello
  7. Way of Life
  8. aTracker
  9. Coach.me
  10. Habitica
  11. LifeRPG
  12. Toodledo
  13. GoalsonTrack
  14. Fabulous

What is a goal-tracker app?

A goal-tracker app is a digital tool designed to help you set, track, and achieve your personal or professional goals. It has everything you need to be successful, including goal setting, time tracking analytics, tasks and habits, reminders, time management, and templates to help you get started. These apps can take various forms, from simple to-do list apps to more complex platforms.

Goal-tracker apps can be particularly useful if you:

  • Need structure: They provide a framework for breaking down large goals into smaller, more manageable steps.
  • Lack of motivation: Many apps offer reminders, progress visualizations, and reward systems to keep you on track and motivated.
  • Want to build habits: Some apps specialize in habit formation, helping you establish routines and stick to them.
  • Need accountability: Many apps allow you to share your goals with others, providing a sense of community and support.
  • Prefer digital tools: If you're already using your phone or computer for other tasks, a goal-tracker app can integrate seamlessly into your digital life.

Whether you're aiming to improve your fitness, learn a new skill, advance your career, or simply build better habits, a goal-tracker app can be a valuable tool to help you reach your full potential.

What can a goal-tracker app do?

Goal-tracker apps offer a wide range of features designed to support your goal-setting and achievement journey. While the specific features vary depending on the app, here are some common functionalities you can expect:

  • Goal setting: Define your goals, break them down into smaller tasks, and set deadlines.
  • Progress tracking: Monitor your progress toward your goals with visual aids like graphs, charts, or checklists.
  • Reminders: Set reminders to keep you on track and ensure you don't forget important tasks.
  • Habit building: Track and reinforce positive habits to support your goals.
  • Customization: Personalize the app's appearance, notifications, and other settings to fit your preferences.
  • Integration: Connect with other apps and tools you use, such as calendars, fitness trackers, or project management software.
  • Gamification: Earn points, badges, or other rewards for completing tasks and achieving milestones.
  • Collaboration: Share your goals with friends, family, or colleagues for added accountability and support.
  • Visualization: Create vision boards or other visual representations of your goals to stay motivated.
  • Journaling: Reflect on your progress, challenges, and successes through journaling prompts and tools.
  • Analytics & reports: Gain insights into your habits, productivity patterns, and overall goal progress through detailed reports.

1. Reclaim.ai

Reclaim.ai is an AI calendar and time tracking app that automatically finds the best time for your tasks, habits, meetings, and breaks in your busy schedule. Perfect for both individual goal setting and team goal setting, Reclaim allows you to optimize your time around your most important priorities – without having to stress over planning. With their Habits feature, you can block time for anything you want to do regularly (such as exercise, meditation, training, or strategic planning), and automatically find the best time to do it every day – while tracking your progress towards your goals. You can also auto-schedule time for your tasks around your existing Google Calendar events while keeping your schedule flexible for priority changes if something more important drops on your plate.

And that’s just the start! Outside of tasks and habits, you can automatically schedule your one-on-one meetings, breaks, and create scheduling links, sync multiple calendars, and analyze your productivity through advanced time tracking every week. 

Reclaim.ai is the best goal-tracking app for anyone with a busy calendar, and their free plan is loaded with features so you can set and track goals at no cost.

Key features

  • Goal tracking: Set actionable goals for everything you want to get done, including daily/weekly habits, tasks, and people you want to meet with – and automatically make it happen by scheduling time in your calendar.
  • Habit-tracking: Auto-schedule your recurring routines at the best time (within a preferred window) around your existing events.
  • Tasks: Auto-schedule your tasks in Google Calendar by priority before your due dates (while keeping your schedule flexible for changes).
  • Prioritization: Set priorities for your tasks, habits, 1:1 meetings, and Scheduling Links to auto-schedule them by urgency.
  • Time-blocking: Find and create time blocks on your calendar for all your events, whether tasks, habits, meetings, or breaks. 
  • Time-tracking: Analyze how much time you spend in meetings vs. tasks vs. habits vs. free time.
  • Analytics & reporting: Analyze both individual and team stats, including time spent in meetings, hours on tasks/habits, work-life balance metrics, and more. 
  • Reminders: Receive notifications to keep you updated on what’s coming up in your schedule so you can better manage your time.
  • Templates: Choose from dozens of habit templates across a variety of domains and roles, including engineering, product, student, personal, and more. 
  • Calendar view: Manage all of your Tasks, Habits, Smart Meetings, and breaks on your schedule with the Planner's daily or weekly calendar views.
  • Collaboration: Create teams to better schedule tasks, habits, and meetings across everyone's busy schedule so you can stay productive and hit more goals. 
  • Integrations: Integrates with ClickUp, Asana, Jira, Todoist, Linear, Google Tasks, Zoom, and Slack.


  • Currently only supports Google Calendar (Outlook coming soon).

Reclaim.ai pricing: Free → paid plans start at $8/month

2. Strides

Strides is a goal-tracking and habit-forming app for iOS devices filled with many great features for achieving your goals. Strides's core features are centered around visual progress tracking in the form of charts, dashboards, graphs, and more. Specifically, the app provides plenty of customization regarding the goals being tracked. Whether it is a daily aim like drinking enough water or long-term goals such as building your retirement accounts, Strides provides the flexibility to stay on top of your goals, no matter what they may be. 

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Define specific objectives, such as fitness goals, financial milestones, or career aspirations, with four unique tracker types to measure your progress. 
  • Habit-tracking: Create and monitor daily, weekly, or custom schedules for your habits.
  • Analytics & reporting:  Analyze a dashboard of your tracked habits, with charts and graphs illustrating your success rates, streaks, and trends.
  • Reminders: Set customizable reminders at specific times or locations.
  • Visual progress: Offers visual progress tracking with charts and graphs of how well you perform your goals and habits.
  • Calendar view: Includes a calendar view that displays past and upcoming tasks, habits, and goals.
  • Syncs across devices: Syncs across multiple devices, including iOS and desktop. 


  • Only available on Apple devices.
  • Focused primarily on habit tracking, no task management features commonly found in other goal-tracking apps.
  • No time blocking or time tracking features. 
  • No pre-designed templates for common habits. 
  • Primarily designed as a personal progress app with no collaboration features.
  • No integrations with third-party apps or tools. 

Strides pricing: Free → $4.99/month

3. ClickUp


ClickUp is a productivity platform and goal-tracking app that serves as an all-encompassing solution for both individuals and teams. Staying organized towards your goals is a breeze through their deep feature set of flexible task management tools, goal setting, time tracking, collaboration features, automation, and robust reporting, all in a single platform – making it the best goal tracker app on our list. 

Whether you're a freelancer, small business, or large enterprise, ClickUp's user-friendly interface and wide range of integrations help you boost your productivity while managing progress across multiple goals. While ClickUp is designed as a comprehensive project management tool, it has many explicit goal-tracking features, alongside clear timelines, measurable targets, and automatic progress tracking.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set and track goals for yourself or your team, with high-level objectives, folders, actionable tasks and subtasks, timelines, and measurable targets.
  • Habit-tracking: Track daily habits through recurring tasks and progress monitoring. 
  • Tasks: Create, assign, and organize tasks with due dates, descriptions, attachments, and subtasks.
  • Prioritization: Customize priority levels and task statuses by importance and urgency.
  • Time-blocking: Block time on your calendar for tasks, habits, and events with time estimates, due dates, sub-tasks, and dependencies (though there are some limitations outlined below). 
  • Time-tracking: Track how much time you spend on tasks.
  • Analytics & reporting: Access analytics and reporting tools to track project progress, team performance, and workload distribution with customizable dashboards and charts.
  • Reminders: Stay on top of your tasks and deadlines via email, in-app alerts, and Slack notifications.
  • Templates: Use dozens of pre-built templates for various use cases, including project management, marketing, product development, and more. 
  • Visual progress: Analyze progress through Gantt charts, Kanban boards, timelines, and other views. 
  • Calendar view: See tasks and events in a calendar format for planning, scheduling, and resource management.
  • Collaboration: Build workspaces with your team to collaborate on tasks and projects.
  • Note-taking: Create documents and notes in your workspace, or within task descriptions. 
  • Integrations: Connect with over 1,000 tools such as Google Calendar, Slack, Reclaim.ai, Github, Hubspot, Outlook, Figma, and more. 
  • Syncs across devices: Accessible on various devices and platforms, including web browsers, mobile devices, and desktop applications.


  • ClickUp's depth and comprehensive feature set may come with a steep learning curve for some users as they offer more features than necessary for day-to-day goal tracking.
  • Most features are designed with complex project management in mind, not necessarily goal tracking. 
  • While it's possible to use time blocking with ClickUp, these scheduled time blocks are fixed events that can jam up your calendar availability, and they don’t automatically reschedule if a priority level is changed for a task (unless you use the Reclaim.ai integration).

ClickUp Pricing: Free → paid plans start at $7/month

4. Todoist

Todoist is a user-friendly task management app that allows users to effortlessly add, organize, and prioritize tasks across projects. As the name suggests, their core features are built around to-do lists and creating manageable tasks, with components like due dates, reminders, labels, and filters to keep you on top of your to-dos. 

It also includes many collaborative features to support team projects. With dozens of third-party integrations and its straightforward design, Todoist is a top choice for boosting productivity and accomplishing both personal and professional goals. While it does have a premium version, it is among the best free goal-tracking apps.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set specific goals using "Projects" and "Sections" features and create project folders to organize related tasks.
  • Habit-tracking: Track recurring tasks to build and maintain daily or weekly habits.
  • Tasks: Easily add tasks, set due dates, create labels, assign priorities, and organize them into projects.
  • Prioritization: Assign p1, p2, p3, or p4 labels to prioritize your tasks.
  • Reminders: Set due dates with notifications, automatic reminders, location-based reminders, or push notifications. 
  • Templates: Access pre-designed templates for common task types and projects, such as project management, trip planning, goal tracking, and more. 
  • Visual progress: Visually track your progress over time through the "Karma" feature, accumulate points when completing tasks, and maintain streaks.
  • Collaboration: Assign tasks to team members, leave comments on tasks, and work together on shared projects.
  • Note-taking: Add notes or comments to tasks to provide additional context or details.
  • Integrations: Connects with dozens of apps and tools such as Google Calendar, Slack, Reclaim.ai, Trello, and more.
  • Syncs across devices: Access to-do lists across iOS, Android, and desktop.


  • Does not offer time-blocking features (though you can integrate with Reclaim.ai).
  • Limited when it comes to detailed analytics and stats on tasks completed. 
  • No native calendar view for your tasks.
  • No native notetaking features. 

Todoist pricing: Free → paid plans start at $4/month

5. TickTick

TickTick is a task management and productivity app (similar to Todoist) that makes goal-tracking simple with its structured project organization, calendar integrations, and flexibility with your specific workflow. Its intuitive interface allows you to create, organize, and prioritize tasks, set reminders, and even integrate with your calendar for a comprehensive view of your schedule. TickTick also includes personalized summaries and achievement scores to provide an overview of your progress and the effectiveness of your workflows. 

On top of that, you can make use of several different views, such as calendar, list, or Kanban. With smart lists, cross-device synchronization, a built-in Pomodoro timer, and other collaborative features, TickTick can help you tackle daily tasks, manage your projects, and achieve your long-term goals. However, while it is a free goal tracker app, many of its features are only available in the premium version.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set long-term and short-term goals using the "Goal" setting for habits. 
  • Habit-tracking: Create and monitor habits alongside your tasks, making it easy to manage both daily tasks and habits in one place.
  • Tasks: Create and manage tasks with due dates, descriptions, subtasks, and attachments.
  • Prioritization: Assign priority levels to your tasks.
  • Analytics & reporting: Analyze productivity reports on your completed tasks, habits, and goals.
  • Reminders: Set reminders for tasks, habits, and goals such as pop-ups, email notifications, location reminders, and more to stay on top of your tasks. 
  • Templates: Choose pre-designed task and project templates to help quickly create common lists and plans.
  • Visual progress: Visually analyze your progress across completion percentages and charts for goals and habits.
  • Calendar view: Switch to a monthly, weekly, three-day, or daily calendar view to see tasks, events, and time blocks.
  • Collaboration: Collaborate with others by sharing tasks, assigning tasks, and tracking shared project progress.
  • Integrations: Gmail, Google Assistant, Zapier, Slack, Outlook, and more. 
  • Syncs across devices: Syncs tasks, habits, and calendar events across multiple devices and platforms.


  • Does not include any time-tracking or time-blocking features.
  • Lacks any native notetaking features. 
  • Most of TickTick's features are locked behind premium plans.

TickTick pricing: Free → $3.99/month

6. Trello

Trello is a visually intuitive project management and collaboration tool that can be cleverly adapted for goal tracking. Its core strength lies in its flexibility and customizable interface, with boards, lists, and cards to organize tasks, ideas, and goals. This visual approach makes it easy to see the big picture and track progress at a glance, making it a favorite among individuals and teams seeking a simple yet effective way to stay organized.

Unlike traditional goal-tracker apps, Trello's versatility allows users to tailor the platform to their specific needs. You can create boards for different areas of your life, such as work, personal projects, or fitness goals. Lists within each board can represent different stages of progress, and cards can hold individual tasks or actions. This adaptability makes Trello suitable for a wide range of users, from those with simple goals to those managing complex projects.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Create boards for different goals, and lists for various stages of progress (e.g., "To Do," "In Progress," "Done"). Cards can represent individual tasks or milestones.
  • Habit tracking: Use checklists on cards to track daily or weekly habits. Create recurring cards for consistent habit-building.
  • Tasks: Break down goals into actionable tasks using cards. Add descriptions, due dates, attachments, and labels to each card for clarity.
  • Prioritization: Drag and drop cards within lists to prioritize tasks. Use labels or colored card covers to visually indicate priority levels.
  • Reminders: Set due dates for tasks and enable notifications to receive reminders via email or mobile app.
  • Visual progress: View the overall progress of a goal by seeing how many cards are in each list. Use the calendar view to track deadlines.
  • Collaboration: Invite team members to boards to collaborate on goals. Assign tasks, share comments, and track progress together.
  • Power-Ups: Extend Trello's functionality with Power-Ups, which offers features like calendar views, custom fields, and integrations with other apps.
  • Automation (Butler): Automate repetitive tasks like moving cards, adding labels, or setting due dates to save time and effort.


  • Trello doesn't have built-in features for scheduling specific time slots for tasks or automatically rescheduling tasks based on priority changes.
  • Compared to dedicated project management tools, Trello's built-in reporting and analytics features are limited.
  • Many advanced features like time tracking and recurring tasks require the use of third-party Power-Ups or integrations.

Trello pricing: Free → paid plans start at $5/month

7. Way of Life

Way of Life is a habit-tracking app designed to help you build positive habits and break negative ones. With a user-friendly interface, it simplifies tracking goals and habits with visual progress charts to keep you informed, accountable, and motivated. Customize your goals, set flexible reminders, use the built-in diary function, and delve into insightful analytics to gain a deeper understanding of your positive and negative behaviors. 

If you're someone who loves or needs several ways to visually gauge your progress on your goals, Way of Life may be the best goal-tracking app for you.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set specific goals for the habits you want to establish or break, such as fitness, health, productivity, or personal development.
  • Habit-tracking: Track daily (both positive and negative) habits by logging progress and marking whether each habit was completed for the day.
  • Analytics & reporting: Access detailed statistics, weekly summaries, and visual graphs to gain insights into your habit-building over time.
  • Reminders: Stay on track with customizable daily or periodic reminders for specific activities or avoiding certain behaviors. 
  • Visual progress: Visually represents habit progress through charts and graphs to present accomplishments and setbacks at a glance.
  • Note-taking: Add notes and comments to each habit entry to record thoughts, reflections, or reasons for success or failure related to specific habits.


  • Some may find the interface unintuitive and difficult to navigate. 
  • Highly focused on habits and lacks task management features commonly found in other goal-tracking apps.
  • Lacks time tracking and time blocking features.
  • No pre-designed templates for common habits. 
  • No collaboration features. 
  • Only available as a mobile app.
  • No integrations with third-party apps. 

Way of Life pricing: Free → $4.99/month

8. aTracker

aTracker is a time-tracking app that simplifies tracking your daily activities and staying on top of your goals. Their simple and intuitive interface allows you to start and stop timers for various tasks with a single tap while also providing detailed analytics into how you're spending your time. It includes several ways to visually view your progress and time spent, such as pie and bar charts, with custom categories, daily or weekly goals, and seamless synchronization across your devices.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set specific goals for personal and professional tasks to track your progress and accomplishments.
  • Habit-tracking: Create and track habits to establish and maintain good daily routines.
  • Tasks: Create tasks and projects, and set estimated durations and priority levels to manage all of your work items.
  • Prioritization: Assign priorities to tasks and activities to focus on your important goals.
  • Time blocking: Allocate specific time slots on your calendar for different tasks and activities.
  • Time-tracking: Start and stop timers with a single tape for various tasks and activities to monitor how your time is spent. 
  • Analytics & reporting: Analyze detailed reports on how your time is allocated, productivity patterns, and areas for improvement.
  • Visual progress: Visualize your progress through charts, graphs, and statistics to understand productivity trends and accomplishments over time.
  • Calendar view: View tasks and activities in either a list or calendar view to plan and manage your time effectively. 
  • Note-taking: Add notes, comments, details, or reminders to tasks or specific activities and projects.
  • Syncs across devices: Syncs data across smartphones, tablets, and computers.


  • Heavily reliant on manual inputs.
  • No pre-designed templates for common habits or tasks.
  • No collaboration features.
  • Does not integrate with third-party apps or tools.
  • Time blocking features are limited compared to other options, requiring you to manually block time for each task, and these time blocks do not offer flexible availability or automatic rescheduling around priority changes.

aTracker pricing: Free → $2.99/month

9. Coach.me

Coach.me is a goal-tracker app that combines personalized coaching with goal-monitoring and habit-tracking features. Its standout feature is the access it offers to a diverse network of certified coaches, spanning fitness, productivity, mindfulness, and more. These expert guides can provide tailored support on your journey to achieving your goals. 

Besides the directory of coaches, Coach.me also provides its users with a built-in community. You can share your progress with other users, ask questions, and support one another for that extra boost of motivation and accountability in your goal-setting.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Create and track your individualized goals across various categories.
  • Habit-tracking: Add daily habits to your dashboard and track your progress through weekly targets, check-ins, and reminders.
  • Analytics & reporting: Access detailed analytics and reports to evaluate your goal progress, including historical data and performance trends.
  • Reminders: Customize reminders to stay on top of your check-ins and milestones.
  • Templates: Choose from predefined goals in various life areas, such as fitness, financial health, diet, wellness, business, and more.
  • Visual progress: Visualize your achievements through charts and graphs, providing a clear overview of your goal progress and daily habit streaks.
  • Collaboration: Engage with a community of fellow goal-setters, offering support, motivation, and mutual accountability.
  • Certified coaches: Access certified coaches within the app who provide personalized guidance and expertise in specific goal categories like fitness, productivity, mindfulness, and others. 


  • Highly focused on paid coaching features.
  • No time-tracking or time-blocking features.
  • No task management features.
  • No calendar view.
  • No note-taking or journal features.

Coach.me pricing: Free → $25+/week for coaching

10. Habitica

Habitica is a unique habit-tracking and productivity app that turns your daily tasks and goals into an engaging role-playing game. By gamifying your life, it rewards your progress with experience points and gold to spend on battle armor, mysterious pets, magic skills, and more. You can reinforce positive behaviors, break bad habits, and collaborate with friends through parties and guilds. 

With a range of challenges and rewards, Habitica can transform your productivity journey into an enjoyable adventure, making it the perfect tool for those seeking some extra motivation and fun in achieving their goals.

Key features

  • Habit-tracking: Track and customize habits by setting their frequency (daily, weekly, etc.) and assigning positive or negative values to each.
  • Tasks: Create and manage your tasks and projects.
  • Reminders: Get both email and push notifications and emails to remind yourself to complete your quests. 
  • Collaboration: Form parties and join guilds to work together with other users to achieve common goals.
  • Gamification: Gamifies task and habit management by turning productivity into a role-playing game, through customizable characters, XP points earned upon completion of tasks, and in-game currency to buy rewards. 
  • Integrations: Offers many official and user-created apps, tools, extensions, and integrations. 
  • Syncs across devices: Available on multiple platforms, including web, iOS, and Android


  • The gamification features may deter users from looking for a more straightforward and serious goal-tracking app. 
  • Lacks any explicit goal-tracking features.
  • No visual progress, statistics, analytics, or reporting features to help track progress on your goals. 
  • Restricted to a list view with no calendar views available. 
  • No pre-designed templates for common tasks or habits. 
  • No way to prioritize tasks beyond manually sorting to-do lists. 
  • No time blocking or time tracking features. 
  • No native note-taking or journal features. 

Habitica pricing: Free → $9/month +$3 per member for teams

11. LifeRPG

Screenshot image 1

LifeRPG is a gamified task management app that turns daily tasks and goals into exciting quests and missions, assigning rewards and experience points (XP) for each accomplishment. The app allows you to break down your missions (tasks) into sub-missions, add steps for each, and take notes with its scratchpad feature. 

As the name suggests, the app is designed to turn your real-life goals into an RPG (role-playing game), while helping you to build positive habits, level up your character, and track your progress. With time tracking, challenges, and rewards, LifeRPG offers an engaging way to make personal development and task management an enjoyable adventure, making it an excellent choice for those seeking motivation and excitement as they achieve their goals. 

Key features

  • Habit-tracking: Create and track daily habits and routines as "skills," which gain XP as you complete related missions. 
  • Tasks: Create and manage tasks and to-do lists as "missions," with due days, duration, rewards, and related skills.
  • Prioritization: Assign urgency levels to missions, along with parameters such as difficulty and fear. 
  • Analytics & reporting: View your progress over time, track completion rates, and identify patterns in your productivity.
  • Visual progress: Analyze your progress through radar charts, skills lists, line graphs, and more. 
  • Gamification: Earn experience points (XP) and level up as you complete missions and develop your skills. 
  • Note-taking: Jot down ideas, thoughts, and additional details related to tasks, habits, or projects within missions. 


  • Overly reliant on manual input.
  • Developed and maintained by a solo developer, rather than an established company. 
  • No explicit goal-setting features. 
  • No time blocking or time tracking features. 
  • No pre-designed templates for common tasks or habits. 
  • No calendar view. 
  • No collaboration features. 
  • No integrations with third-party apps or tools. 
  • Only available as a mobile app. 

LifeRPG pricing: Free 

12. Toodledo


Toodledo is a versatile and flexible task management and goal-tracking app that simplifies task organization, prioritization, and productivity. Like other apps, such as Todoist, Toodledo is primarily built around the to-do list. However, it includes many features like due dates, customizable lists, subtasks, notes, and cross-platform sync to help you manage your tasks, stay on top of deadlines, and align your to-dos with personal and professional goals. It also includes many collaborative features, allowing you to share your to-do lists and goals with family, friends, and colleagues. 

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set specific goals and objectives, and link tasks to each for better goal tracking and progress monitoring.
  • Habit-tracking: Create and track daily, weekly, or monthly habits through repetition to build positive routines.
  • Tasks: Create, organize, and prioritize tasks with due dates, folders, tags, and custom fields.
  • Prioritization: Prioritize your tasks based on urgency and importance to automatically sort your to-do list. 
  • Time-blocking: Schedule and allocate specific blocks of time for your tasks and appointments.
  • Time-tracking: Offers built-in time-tracking capabilities with detailed reporting.
  • Analytics & reporting: Analyze your task completion rates, productivity trends, and goal progress, along with custom graphs and charts. 
  • Reminders: Set reminders and alarms for tasks and events, including push notifications, email, SMS, and popup notifications. 
  • Templates: Create task templates for recurring tasks you'll need to complete regularly. 
  • Calendar view: See your tasks on a calendar to better visualize and plan tasks, events, and appointments. 
  • Collaboration: Share tasks and projects with colleagues or collaborators with granular sharing options to control who can view and edit shared tasks and projects.
  • Note-taking: Attach notes and documents to tasks and projects with a native note editor. 
  • Integrations: Integrates with various third-party apps and services, using free and open API.
  • Syncs across devices: Syncs data across multiple devices, including iOS, Android, desktop, and browser. 


  • UI is relatively dated compared to newer options. 
  • Limited ways to visually track your progress.
  • Time blocking features are limited, requiring you to manually block time for each task without any flexibility around availability or automatic rescheduling for priority changes. 

Toodledo pricing: Free → $5.99/month 

13. GoalsonTrack


GoalsonTrack is a goal-setting and productivity software specifically built around setting and achieving SMART goals. With features like goal visualization, task management, habit tracking, and progress monitoring, GoalsonTrack markets itself as "a goal software for high achievers." The app allows you to categorize your tasks and set up recurring tasks while providing the flexibility to drag and drop them on your calendar as you see fit. 

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set SMART goals, break them down into milestones or sub-goals, and organize them into categories. 
  • Habit-tracking: Create, track, and link habits with your SMART goals, while customizing frequency and reminders. 
  • Tasks: Break down goals into actionable tasks with task dependencies and subtasks to create intricate task hierarchies for managing complex projects.
  • Time-tracking: Track time spent on tasks with timers, and start or stop task timers to accurately track your time across each task. 
  • Analytics & reporting: Interactive stats charts display goals achieved, tasks completed, habits checked, and time spent working on goals. 
  • Templates: Create goals from built-in goal templates with detailed action plans.
  • Visual progress: Visualize your progress through charts and graphs, and achievements through a native vision board. 
  • Calendar view: View your daily tasks with their calendar view.
  • Collaboration: Share goals with your team while logging team activities in real-time. 
  • Note-taking: Take notes related to your goals and progress using a native goal journal.


  • UI is very dated compared to many other options. 
  • Overly reliant on manual input. 
  • Does not offer time-blocking features. 
  • No integrations with third-party apps or tools. 

Goalsontrack pricing: $5/month

14. Fabulous

Fabulous is a holistic wellness app that goes beyond traditional goal tracking by focusing on habit formation and overall well-being. It combines the principles of behavioral science, coaching, and mindfulness to guide users toward a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Rather than simply listing tasks, Fabulous helps users establish daily rituals and routines that lead to lasting change, making it ideal for those seeking a comprehensive approach to self-improvement.

Fabulous acts as your personal coach for a healthier, happier you. Their science-backed "Journeys" guide you through bite-sized steps to improve your sleep, nutrition, exercise, and more. Forget drastic changes; Fabulous is all about building sustainable habits with personalized coaching and positive reinforcement.

Key features

  • Goal-setting: Set goals across different areas of well-being (e.g., sleep, nutrition, exercise, focus).
  • Journeys: Follow structured programs with step-by-step actions to build healthy habits over time.
  • Habit tracking: Track daily habits and routines within the Journeys framework.
  • Personalized coaching: Receive guidance, motivation, and tips through in-app coaching sessions and messages.
  • Rituals & routines: Create personalized morning, afternoon, and evening routines to promote consistency and well-being.
  • Progress tracking: Visualize your progress with streaks, charts, and milestones to stay motivated.
  • Reminders & notifications: Set reminders to stay on track with your daily habits and routines.
  • Scientifically-backed approach: Incorporates principles from behavioral science and positive psychology to maximize effectiveness.
  • Meditation & mindfulness exercises: Access guided meditations and breathing exercises to reduce stress and improve focus.
  • Community support: Connect with other users for encouragement, advice, and shared experiences.


  • The user interface can be overwhelming for some users, with a lot of information and features to navigate.
  • Users have reported difficulty canceling their subscriptions and obtaining refunds.
  • While Fabulous offers personalized routines, the level of customization may not be sufficient for everyone.

Fabulous pricing: Paid plans start at $39.99/year

Achieve your goals with these top apps 🏆

Whether your goals are professional or personal, these tools offer essential features to help you stay organized, track habits, and make meaningful progress. Remember that the power to achieve your goals is in your hands, but you can significantly increase your chances of success by managing your goals through a simple, yet powerful, goal-tracking app. Make this year a standout one by using the right tools to help you thrive and accomplish what matters most to you.

Did we miss any on our list? What is your favorite goal-tracking apps? Tweet us at @reclaimai and let us know!

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