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Smart time blocking for your calendar.

The important stuff doesn't happen just because you write it down. You need to make time for it.
Meet Reclaim: a smart calendar assistant that can save you up to 40% of your workweek.

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A demo of how Reclaim works

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Reclaim calendar vs Google calendar

Reclaim + Google Calendar = ❤️

Get more value out of Google Calendar when you add Reclaim

  • Auto-block time for your tasks and routines
  • Get more flexibility out of your schedule
  • See where your time is going every week
  • Sync all your schedules to avoid overbookings
  • Reprioritize your entire calendar in a single click
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What can Reclaim do for you?

Time blocking you'll actually use

Instead of filling your calendar with events that quickly get interrupted, Reclaim adapts to changes in your agenda and shifts events from Free to Busy as you get busier: so you stay flexible, but not too flexible.

Instead of filling your calendar with events that quickly get interrupted, Reclaim adapts to changes in your agenda and shifts events from Free to Busy as you get busier: so you stay flexible, but not too flexible.

To-do list, meet calendar

You can groom your backlog as much as you like, but if it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening. Create your task list in Reclaim, or integrate your task or project management app, and defend focus time for your to-dos on the calendar.

To-do list, meet calendar

Bring your Habits to life

Reclaim intelligently blocks time on your calendar for the things you want to do regularly. Want to make time for lunch every day, a walk on Friday afternoons, email catch up in the morning, or exercise 3x a week? Easy.

Bring your Habits to life

Auto-schedule one-on-one meetings

Automatically find the best time for your one-on-one meetings every week. Reclaim will analyze both calendars to find mutual free time, and automatically reschedule your Smart 1:1s if a conflict comes up.

Auto-schedule one-on-one meetings

No more juggling schedules

Ever end up getting overbooked because you forgot to block time for an event from another calendar? Reclaim keeps all your calendars in sync, so you'll never have to worry about juggling calendars again.

No more juggling schedules

Just the right amount of context

When people view your calendar, "busy" doesn't always give them the context they need. Reclaim gives just the right amount of info to would-be schedulers so that you can stay focused without sacrificing privacy.

Just the right amount of context

Buffer Time for your meetings

Stuck in back-to-back calls all day? Give yourself time to decompress and travel between meetings. Reclaim automatically blocks smart buffers for you to prep and get where you’re going.

Buffer Time for your meetings

See your calendar in a whole new light

Reclaim automatically color-codes your entire calendar by intelligently detecting different event types on your agenda, making it super easy to see how your time is divided at a glance.

See your calendar in a whole new light

Keep your workweek in check

It's hard to know if you're on track when you don't have data. Reclaim offers simple weekly stats to show you how your time is divided across different kinds of categories: meetings, solo work, personal time, and more!

Keep your workweek in check

The security your calendar deserves

Your calendar data stays encrypted at rest and in transit, and you can delete your account (and your data) at any time by just clicking a button. We'll never share or sell your data, cause that's just not cool.

The security your calendar deserves
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Google Tasks
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How Reclaim works

1. Tell Reclaim what you need

Connect your work and personal calendars to Reclaim and tell it what you want to make time for. All you need to do is express your needs, give a rough idea of when you want it to happen, and Reclaim takes care of the tricky Calendar Tetris.

2. Reclaim keeps your agenda fluid

We know how important it is for you to stay flexible, so Reclaim doesn't just fill up your entire calendar and prevent you from being available. Instead, Reclaim will dynamically shift events from Free to Busy as it notices your calendar filling up.

3. Reclaim rebalances your week

Your workweek is always changing, but Reclaim has your back. When you reprioritize your goals or your schedule changes, Reclaim rebalances your entire agenda for you — just like a great assistant would. No more late night calendar sessions.

4. Reclaim keeps you on track

Reclaim gives you quick stats on where your time goes each week, and gives you simple workflows for telling Reclaim when you didn't get something done or need more time. You can make changes on the fly via Reclaim, Slack, Google Calendar, and more!

What Reclaim users are saying...

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Reclaim has seriously made me feel more in control of my life over the past couple days than ever before. The way it reorganizes my entire schedule, making sure the important things don't get dropped when my schedule changes, is so dramatically helpful. I'm excited to see how this works out over the coming weeks and months!
Holly Williams
I've had an account with Reclaim for a while, but it's in the last few weeks that I have knuckled down and moved (most) of my tasks and habits over to Reclaim. I love it! I'll be paying for a subscription when they start. I've tried and used many similar apps over the years. So far, Reclaim's approach to task and time management is the cleverest, most useful, and most practical that I've seen.
Steve Parker
This is amazing! Not even a full week in, I've gotten much more done and am less tired. I'm so very happy with Reclaim -- I'm no longer lost in my workday, and everything in the product is super smooth and straightforward.
Megan Justice
Reclaim feels right! I love its approach and it shows me realistically, for the first time, how much of the day my habits and tasks require -- and the flexibility of how they're set up feels comfortable and not restrictive. It actually feels like I'm empowered to change things around as life often demands without the pangs of guilt that so often accompany other calendar/task/habit tracking apps.
John Russell Adams
Just had my best Monday in years. Literally. Felt so calm knowing that my calendar was defended, organized and full — in a good way!
Jonatan Littke
Been using @reclaimai. Works like a charm.
Justin Alva
Reclaim.ai is what I used to get meditations scheduled in the cal. Really great.
Yoav Susz
This is a very me thing to tweet but I am 20mins into setting up @reclaimai and I AM SHOOK! This is the exact EA/project management function I was looking for—nothing more and nothing less. Already a huge fan. Love that this exists.
Jamie Jin
@reclaimai is sooooo good. Turbocharge your calendar.
…and this is why, as a queen procrastinator, @reclaimai is my fave productivity tool EVER! 🔥
I just discovered @reclaimai. Oh man this is amazing. If you have kids to shuttle or just generally want to take more control over your calendar... you owe yourself to check this out.
Chris Handy
Ever wanted your personal availability reflected on your work calendar so no one books on top of that vet appointment, anniversary dinner, or scheduled nap? Check out @reclaimai
Mike McNeil
A cool new tool I’ve been introduced to by @jayclouse is @reclaimai - it uses AI to block off time in your calendar for tasks you need to complete. Very useful for someone (like me) who likes to timeblock but has a flexible schedule.
Alex Boswell
I am such a fan of @reclaimai. Heavy meeting week and looking forward to space for deep work next week!
Fred Tugas
I’ve started using @reclaim.ai. It dynamically blocks off time that you need for deep work, lunch, etc. this avoids having static blocks of time on your calendar, so it balances availability with getting your work done. Also dynamically schedules time for task list.
Chris Kirsch
Honestly, you have an amazing product. I balance consulting gigs on the side and have various emails so this is actually a life saver in just the first day I've been getting it up and running.
Sam Molmud
I absolutely love it. I spent an hour on Sunday inputting what I needed to get done this week into Reclaim, and loved that it scheduled the work for me. It's really kept me on track so far, and I've had more breaks as well!
Rebecca Slater
I really really love Reclaim! It's made working full time and going to school far more manageable than I ever expected to be possible, and made my life much easier and less stressful.
Andrew Churchill
I was using Clockwise earlier (which someone at MLH told me). But then I found this alternative on Google, which is far better than anything out there! @reclaimai your app is really famous is this community!
Yashovardhan Agrawal
My product of the year award goes to @reclaimai. A very thoughtful product with many details that help you get organized. Give it a try!
Alexandru Gogan
Love @reclaimai's new smart 1:1 feature. Now we just need to make all meetings smart meetings so they are rescheduled when there are conflicts!
Eric Hauser
I'm also obsessive about my schedule and time management. I have loads of hobbies that I try to fit into my everyday schedule like meditation, working out, reading, cooking dinner for my wife, and spending time with my dogs on walks. I have tried all kinds of different apps for scheduling tasks, managing multiple calendars, etc., and have found lots that worked decent but nothing that helped me prioritize and dynamically reschedule tasks and habits like Reclaim.
Nathanael Price
I live by my calendar and finally signed up for @reclaimai to spend less time optimizing it and more time being present and enjoying the stuff I schedule. Any tips for taking full advantage of Reclaim quickly? 🙏
If you must juggle multiple calendars and/or use the deep work framework to get things done, I strongly recommend you give @reclaimai a serious look. It has been amazing for me.
Eugenio Perea
@RyanHVaughn I've been loving @reclaimai for intelligently placing priorities into my calendar. My scheduled habits include exercise, meditation, and free space to ensure I don't book too many meetings. Reclaim is one of the best tools I've come across in recent memory.
Brian Wang
I met with 43 people in 1 week actually blows my mind. Happy user and supporter of @reclaimai
Kath Osborne
Shoutout to @DanielleMorrill for making me obsessed with @reclaimai. If you're a calendar blocking freak like us, definitely check it out!
Marissa Goldberg
I use @reclaimai to help organise everything I do. I would highly recommend it to anyone who uses Google Calendar at all. Get more productive with #GoogleCalendar - auto-block time for tasks, habits, and breaks in your busy schedule
Cal Cooke
Reclaim is still 🔥
David Levai
@reclaimai tells me that I gear up on a Thursday & Friday when most people gear down. Love such insight from tools. P.S. I didn't miss lunch 😅 #productivitytools
Yadhu Krishnan
Wow, just used @reclaimai to sync calendars & allow more space for work & reflection, and astonished
I'm so obsessed with @reclaimai for time management, I feel I'm part-time marketing for it... I relate @daniellemorrill :) @nah_serious. You've built something extraordinary.
Evy Lyons
Hey Pranay! We don't have that capability at the moment. We recommend looking into @reclaimai that does exactly that. It pairs nicely with Vimcal!
It's awesome. 🤘 Auto-block time on your calendar for anything you want to get done via @reclaimai
Paul Hart
Whoa @reclaimai is what I needed to sync 3 work emails with a personal one, so a bunch of scheduling tools can work with just one calendar. Nice! 🚀
Vuk Nikolić
I love @reclaimai !! It's a life changer
So far, I’m loving Reclaim! I’ve been an off-again/on-again to-do list user for years, but I’ve never found a tool that actually helped me get things done at work. I’ve started a new role recently, and I love how Reclaim nudges me to be pragmatic about what I can accomplish in a given day. Also, working from home, it’s been super helpful to have some more programmatic work-life integration.
Thomas Duesing
Reclaim’s calendar syncing is a revelation. It’s something me and many co-workers who work from home have been searching for as we juggle personal / family commitments in conjunction with work schedules. As a product manager and user, I really appreciate the thought and consideration around privacy, the nuances with calendar syncing, and prioritizing tasks.
Benson Lee
I often struggle with slotting in task work during a day packed with meetings. The ability to define tasks and having Reclaim automatically schedule them on my calendar is pure magic to me.
Sam Gallagher
I just found Reclaim and am IN LOVE with it. It is everything I have been looking for and more in a time management system. I have been telling everybody about it since I started messing around with it!
Maria Jernigan
Thanks for the mention @reclaimai team. Yes, your tool is heaven for solopreneurs and anyone managing multiple calendars or, you know, that has a life.
Robert Merrill
Just found @reclaimai... ahhhhhhh very nice. UI is a little swish too. 🤜✨🤛
Paul Hart
Such a big fan of @reclaimai. It's great for automatically blocking time on my work calendar when I add things to my personal calendar, or for those days when I need to get heads down on something.
Ramiro Berrelleza
@reclaimai has been a nice addition to my toolkit
Vivek Ranjan
@reclaimai has completely changed how I work for the better.
Scott Miller
As part of my weekly calibration routine, I review my calendar and make micro-adjustments based on the {currently} planned commitments. As you can imagine, these optimizations quickly fall out of sync. Nevertheless, Reclaim seems to solve this challenge perfectly and automatically! 🤖
Lorenzo Santos
I’m loving Reclaim. Still finding out how to get the best out of it, but it’s super helpful and I’m less stressed out knowing there is time in my diary for projects.
Mike Thorne
Thank you for making this great app! I have already recommended it to several people I know. I have longed for a way to control my personal/work calendars like Reclaim allows me to. And I LOVE the proactive/suggestive scheduling!
Agustin Llora
I just signed up. I'm excited.
Jacob Brody
I like how it automatically shifts tasks before deadline to your available free slots. Totally in love with that feature.
Deepak Yadav
My calendar looks like I am "maniacal" about tracking time as well - but I'm not. Any founder would do themselves huge favors by checking out @reclaimai. I tell the app my priorities, tasks I need to accomplish, and habits I'm trying to instill, @reclaimai does the rest. Magic.
Wayne Culbreth
Our team uses @reclaimai internally - it's been a game changer.
@reclaimai has been essential for letting me block time to work while remaining flexible to meet with others.
Josh Tucholski
This is one of the best productivity tools out there – perfectly solves the problem of cognitive load associated with scheduling tasks/habits.
Amol Chahal
I love your product. Seriously. It's life changing. I am founder and executive director of a non-profit that is small but has mushroomed from 3 to 10 employees in a year and has no signs of slowing down. I have tons of major projects running always and keep things moving by spending hours at a time prioritizing my pending tasks. But this service has provided me with freedom in the sense that I can dump my tasks and ideas and you all magically arrange it for me. I really feel broken free.
Luis Gallardo
I've only been using it a few days, but so far it is amazing. I'm a lead engineer and I have a lot of meetings, but I need to find time for engineering work as well. This tool really suits the way I think about work, allowing me to feel less stress knowing I have time set aside to meet my commitments, even the ones that aren't urgent but need to be done.
Matt Barlow
Another huge fan of Reclaim. 🙌🏽 It saves a TON of hassle. The integration with multiple calendars (I am all Google Cal) ensures you almost always never double book or, more importantly, miss kids' events. It's worth the $ when they start charging.
Neeraj Mathur
I’m totally in love with @reclaimai and I am talking about it nonstop to the point where my husband pointed out he had already heard about it several times today. 😂
Danielle Morrill
This product is amazing. I'm moving towards scheduling essentially everything through it.
Jake O'Shea
Amazing product, really enjoying it. Two things that really help me with decision fatigue: 1) Reclaim auto-adjusting my calendar after I've moved things around, and 2) Adding a task flow: amazing UX there 🙏 Looking forward to exploring more, only one week in!
Ben Somekh
I just started using Reclaim and been loving it so far. I’ve been looking for the perfect software to adapt to my calendar for a long time and none of them gave me such a good first impression.
Igor Numeriano
@reclaimai I like the new weekly reports. Yay Summer Fridays @StackOverflow
Chris Hunt
Just want to say that I have tried other calendar assistants and this is by far my favorite. You guys have made an incredible product, thank you!
Claudia Sellers
I want to become the person that @reclaimai thinks I am. This morning, it's already scheduled time around my meetings for me to get in a workout, practice violin, do my Duolingo exercise, and blocked off lunch.
Vic Vijayakumar
Yes! Which is why I love @reclaimai. I add decompress time to my calendar after every meeting.
Justin Dean
So far have really enjoyed @reclaimai!
Thomas Vladeck
I'm enjoying all the latest @reclaimai features, nice one on this new weekly recap report!
Matt Tucker
Am I having a productive week so far? 🤔 Some great stats, insights via @reclaimai Glad I can meet so many people, but many of these meetings could be optimized for time with good planning Measure What Matters 🙌🏻 Time I spend in meetings matter for me! Thank you @reclaimai 🙏🏻
Recently discovered @reclaimai and am already in love. It's a product I've dreamt about for so long. Even asked engineering friends to help make an MVP. Well done Reclaim ai team!
Sudo Rm -rf /
@reclaimai Ive been waiting for this!
Shaun Regenbaum
Never miss a 🚴‍♂️! 🥰
Brian Doll
Your software concept is amazing! It is already changing the way I manage time in a very positive way.
Edward Lee
@reclaimai is a fantastic tool, and it's clear that the team really thought through what features users find most useful. It's like Superhuman for calendar help! I can manage personal and work events, and most importantly schedule time to use my @onepeloton
Gabe Garcia
I just started using @reclaimai and it’s amazing. Sync personal and work, make room for flexible things you still want to do, block time to get work done. Get it now, you won’t regret it. I almost never go to Google Calendar anymore now that I have this.
Pedram Navid
Instantly sold on @reclaimai — using it to mirror the availability in my personal calendar to my work calendar, so that I don't book a work meeting that clashes with a personal appointment. As further endorsement, @emilieschario (the queen of getting stuff done) uses it.
Claire Carroll
@reclaimai I love you.
Justin Dean
Decided to try @reclaimai to automagically schedule my tasks and habits. I'm on day 3, and I'm already sold and very impressed. I sense a blog post coming...I should make a task and habit for that!
Ben Hutton
I'm a CEO and co-founder of a tech company and this is the exact product I've described to so many friends, even wanted to start it myself. All this to say, great job and I'll be a fervent user of Reclaim!
Alper Aydemir
@reclaimai has one of the best product onboarding experiences I've ever had. Integrations guided by a neat sidebar that explains what each step does. With superuser onboarding comes a superuser product. Showing and enabling all the essential details.
Nihal M
Reclaim has been life changing for me. I've bounced off so many todo list management tools and methods and this is the first one that's actually working for putting my todo list in the places I need to see it.
You guys are onto something special! You may be a small team, but your support is amazing and you saved me in a jam.
Marissa Dropulic
I switched to Reclaim because Clockwise put up a paywall and my organization didn't want to pay for all ~300 users to upgrade. So far, I'm liking Reclaim even better than Clockwise!
Ben Hummel
I might or might not be using it extensively right now. Ok I am. I am using it. A lot. It’s magical. That combined with Calendly makes life easier
Jason Warner
I’ve already told so many people about this! Lifesaver.
Christine Pilkington
Just discovered Reclaim a few days ago and so in love with it. I have pitched it to several people already. I've been using Reclaim for all of two days and it has already helped to alleviate some of the stress that comes with scheduling minute details. I have gained valuable hours in my days and avoided dreaded double booking already.
Melina Cardenas
Reclaim.ai is the most fantastic tool. I'm using it regularly and it has fundamentally changed how I'm managing my workflow now.
Richard Klein
I have a short list of product ideas that I want to see, back or build at some point. One is titled "Suckless Calendaring" and it looks like @reclaimai built almost exactly what I wanted. Even made an understandable onboarding from a very complex problem. A++ would Reclaim again!
Scott Chacon
trying out this @reclaimai calendar in earnest and really looking forward to having past me boss future me around
Jillian Adel
Yes! Just started using reclaim.ai to add lunch, email, and R Solo blocks to my calendar.
Just found reclaim.ai, an auto task-scheduler. This may be the timeful replacement I've been looking for since 2015.
Luke Murray
Absolutely blown away by @reclaimai - automatically reshuffle your calendar to block in specific tasks around meetings. I'm actually getting things done for once.
James Smith
ok so i tried @reclaimai and it just: - put 15 minute "decompress" blocks after my meetings - put travel time around my personal meetings like therapy (which would be huge if i were still traveling to places) - blocked lunches for me i might cry.
reclaim.ai, hands down. I’ve tried various so,unions over the years, Frohman assistant to clockwise to automation. Reclaim just does it, easy peasy.
Luke Kanies
Woah. @reclaimai just changed my life when it comes to privately and easily managing my personal calendar from my work calendar. Thanks for the rec @JayLbird11 !
Philip Lakin
Syncing my personal and work calendars using @reclaimai - recommended They are also doing some interesting things around the psychology of habits, which both the academic, and the productivity-tool geek, in me enjoys
Tom Stafford
Hey @aayushjaiswal07 you have to try http://reclaim.ai HIGHLY RECOMMENDED
Aditya Behere
I've been trying out http://reclaim.ai this week to try and help with scheduling work projects, so far it is AMAZING! @reclaimai
Sarah Fisher
Started using http://reclaim.ai this week and holy crap - this is exactly what I've been wanting for years. Flexible, rules-based systems for reserving time for exercise and lunch without creating scheduling headaches for colleagues. Stress levels lower already.
bent. coppers.
My stack: @reclaimai @Superhuman @NotionHQ I don’t need anything else. I’d break without any one of those.
Wayne Culbreth
I'm truly amazed by @reclaimai. It is evolving fast, and the support...well, amazing!!!

About us

We’re a team of passionate, product-first people who believe that every busy professional has the right to a schedule that aligns with their priorities, and that life is too short for 💩 workweeks.

We've experienced the pain that comes with a slammed workweek, endless meetings, and no time for important work. It's bad for everyone.

We envision a future where your calendar reflects your priorities, where time management is agile, and where your workweeks are perfect every time.


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  • ° Sync your Slack status with your schedule
  • ° Intelligently reschedule your Habits and Tasks
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Got questions?

We have answers.

I've tried every calendar app out there! What's different about Reclaim?

Reclaim works with your existing calendar and automates away the toil of managing your schedule manually so that you can focus on the things you do best. We believe that calendars aren’t necessarily broken, they just don’t work well for people who need power tools for their time -- like you!

If you've tried time blocking before, you know how hard it can be to keep up with when your schedule is changing all the time. It's not adaptive, which means that inbound conflicts or last-minute changes create even more toil in managing your calendar.

Furthermore, if you're a busy person, you know that blocking out your entire calendar with the word "busy" doesn't necessarily mean you don't get interrupted: in fact, it creates even more work for you, because now you have to deal with people sending you Slack messages asking if you really need that time block, or if they can overbook it.

Reclaim does two things very differently:

First, we enable you to create intentional time blocks for specific routines and tasks, and prioritize them to adapt to your workweek. This lets you make tradeoffs around your time, and it better communicates context to your coworkers without them having to bother you to see if your "Focus Time" block is "real".

Second, we automatically flex time blocks based on your availability: if you've got plenty of free time for your routines and to-dos in the week, we leave that space open for collaboration. But if your schedule is jammed, we'll lock things down to give you the time you need. It's like a circuit breaker, but for your time.

We believe in time blocking that is realistic, and that actually conforms to the world we live in. We think you'll love it.

Are you going to mess my calendar up?

We get it! Reclaim only adds blocks to your calendar, it doesn’t reschedule or modify any existing meetings (unless you set up smart one-on-one meetings using Reclaim, which you totally should).

We won’t decline stuff or make changes to any existing events that weren’t created by us. We’ve heard too many horror stories about “intelligent calendar assistants” that end up embarrassing you by moving or declining a meeting with your boss, and we don’t have any code that does anything close to that.

Furthermore, all the blocks and changes we make to your calendar are fully reversible. If you turn on a feature and then decide you don’t want the time blocks on your calendar anymore, simply turn it off and we’ll remove all of them from your calendar automatically.

What do you do with my data?

Reclaim takes your security and privacy extremely seriously. Learn more about how we protect your data

We take your privacy and calendar data security seriously. We know how sensitive this stuff is. Thousands of users across hundreds of companies trust us with their data, and here’s why.

We will never share or sell any of your calendar data to third parties. That's just not our bag, and we think it's creepy.

All of your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and we'll never access your calendar data without your explicit permission. Reclaim doesn't need to store calendar data for any calendars you sync (e.g., if you sync your personal or side gig calendar to Reclaim) but it does need to store data for the primary calendar that you use to sign up for Reclaim -- it's just the only way Reclaim can reliably do its job.

Finally, we believe strongly in JIT permissions: that is, we only ask for your permissions as we need them throughout the onboarding process. If you don’t want a feature that needs a certain permission, we won’t ask for it until you turn it on.

Which calendar services does Reclaim support?

Today, Reclaim is designed for Google Calendar. We’ll support Outlook 365 and other services soon!

Who is Reclaim for?

Reclaim is designed for anyone with a crazy calendar. If you're the kind of person whose schedule is almost always half-full of meetings, you're going to love Reclaim. Managers and senior ICs across all sorts of roles and departments use Reclaim every day to get time back for what matters.

Can I use Reclaim with my team?

Yep! Reclaim integrates with a variety of task management platforms (with more on the way) to help your teams automatically schedule their work and capacity plan. We also have a pretty nifty feature called Smart 1:1s that schedules your one-on-one meetings intelligently, both for people inside and outside of your organization. 

Can I delete my account if I don’t like Reclaim?

You sure can. We believe that you shouldn’t have to contact a support person or argue with us to get your account deleted. It's just not how software should work in the 21st century.

If you decide you no longer want to use Reclaim, there’s a delete button in the UI. We’ll delete all your data from our database instantly. You’ll probably also get an email from us asking why you deleted your account, but that’s for us to understand how we could make your experience better.

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