Smart AI scheduling for busy teams.

Reclaim is an AI scheduling automation app that finds the best time for your meetings, tasks, habits, & breaks.
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Designed for any busy team

  • Defend No-Meeting Days & Focus Time
  • Integrate your task list with your calendar
  • Assign & prioritize work across your team
  • Better estimate product roadmap goals
  • Auto-schedule meetings with your team & users
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Example marketing calendar
  • Book more meetings with high-priority Scheduling Links
  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with key accounts
  • Maximize your calendar availability for meetings
  • Auto-schedule breaks & travel around meetings
  • Defend time for heads-down work
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Example sales calendar
  • Prevent burnout across teams
  • Boost productivity with No-Meeting Days
  • Book interviews faster with high-priority Scheduling Links
  • Automate breaks to prevent meeting fatigue
  • Allow employees to set working hours to prevent forced overtime
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Example HR calendar
  • Integrate your project management app with your calendar
  • Defend No-Meeting Days & Focus Time
  • Protect your calendar from being overrun by meetings
  • Track time across tasks & projects
  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with your team
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Example engineering calendar
  • Defend time for recurring marketing activities
  • Book more meetings with smart Scheduling Links
  • Auto-schedule your tasks to your calendar
  • Analyze your productivity stats across activities
  • Auto-schedule regular 1:1 time with contractors
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Example Product calendar
  • Auto-schedule 1:1 meetings with clients
  • Book more meetings with high-priority Scheduling Links
  • Balance meetings & heads-down work
  • Defend time for recurring activities & habits
  • Keep your schedule flexible for new appointments
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Example Finance calendar

The #1 AI app for work

more productive hours/week
fewer unnecessary meetings/week
increase in productivity

Boost productivity via AI scheduling

Optimize scheduling across your entire organization.

demo of habits

Defend focus time on the calendar

Find the best time for productive heads-down work in your calendar (while keeping your schedule flexible for changes) — so you can get more done as a team every week.

demo of smart 1:1s

Optimize meetings across your team

Automatically schedule meetings at the best time across your team using advanced prioritization controls — and build a more efficient meeting culture for your company.

demo of travel and break time

Improve work-life balance for everyone

Prevent burnout and turnover across your company with smart calendar controls that protect employees from forced overtime, notification interruptions, and back-to-back meeting days.

Time tracking analytics to optimize your workweek

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Screenshot for Team stats
Weekly Report email

Integrate your favorite work tools

Communicate, collaborate, & optimize as a team.

Sync your Slack status
Connect your task list
Connect your task list
Connect your task list
Connect your task list
Connect your task list
Connect your meetings
Connect your task list
Connect your mac
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What Reclaim users are saying...

Start improving your workweek

Optimize your chaotic schedule in minutes with Reclaim — we're here to help your team along the way.

Got questions? We have answers.

I've tried every calendar app out there! What's different about Reclaim?

Reclaim works with your existing Google Calendar to help you plan the perfect workweek by automatically finding the best time for your tasks, habits, breaks, and meetings. We believe that calendars aren’t necessarily broken, they just don’t work well for people who need power tools for their time — like you!

The major advantage of Reclaim is that we also keep your schedule flexible, and aligned to your priorities. Once you create a smart event, we’ll find the best time for it in your schedule as flexible time that can be rescheduled if something more important comes along – maximizing your availability. Once the event runs out of opportunities to reschedule, we’ll lock it in so you’re able to defend the time you need to get stuff done.

Want to learn more? Check out the full overview of how scheduling runs better at Reclaim.

Are you going to mess up my calendar?

We get it! Reclaim only adds blocks to your calendar, it doesn’t reschedule or modify any of your existing events.

We won’t decline stuff or make changes to anything not created by us. We’ve heard too many horror stories about "intelligent calendar assistants" that end up embarrassing you by moving or declining a meeting with your boss, and we don’t have any code that does anything close to that.

Furthermore, all the blocks and changes we make to your calendar are fully reversible. If you turn on a feature and then decide you don’t want the time blocks on your calendar anymore, simply turn it off, and we’ll remove all of them from your calendar automatically.

What do you do with my data?

Reclaim takes your security and privacy extremely seriously. Learn more about how we protect your data.

We know how sensitive this stuff is. Thousands of users across hundreds of companies trust us with their data, and here’s why.

We will never share or sell any of your calendar data to third parties. That's just not our bag, and we think it's creepy.

All of your data is encrypted-at-rest and in-transit, and we'll never access your calendar data without your explicit permission. Reclaim doesn't need to store calendar data for any calendars you sync (e.g., if you sync your personal or side gig calendar to Reclaim) but it does need to store data for the primary calendar that you use to sign up for Reclaim — it's just the only way Reclaim can reliably do its job.

Finally, we believe strongly in JIT permissions: that is, we only ask for your permissions as we need them throughout the onboarding process. If you don’t want a feature that needs a certain permission, we won’t ask for it until you turn it on.

Which calendar services does Reclaim support?

Today, Reclaim is designed for Google Calendar. We’ll support Outlook 365 and other services soon!

Who is Reclaim for?

Reclaim is designed for anyone with a crazy calendar. If you're the kind of person whose schedule is almost always half-full of meetings, you're going to love Reclaim. Managers, individual contributors, freelancers, even students across all sorts of roles and departments use Reclaim every day to get time back for what matters.

Can I use Reclaim with my team?

Yep! Reclaim helps teams optimize their planning, defend more time for productivity, limit their unnecessary meetings, and improve everyone’s work-life balance. You can even integrate your team’s project management app to automatically schedule and assign tasks to the calendar. We also have a pretty nifty feature called Smart 1:1s that auto-schedules your one-on-one meetings intelligently (both for people inside and outside of your organization), and Team Scheduling Links to easily find the best time for your one-off meetings.

Other capabilities teams love include No-Meeting Days, Slack Status Sync, Buffer Time, and Working Hours settings to make sure everyone can connect when they need to, and prevent interruptions when they don’t.

Can I delete my account if I don’t like Reclaim?

You sure can. We believe that you shouldn’t have to contact a support person or argue with us to get your account deleted. It's just not how software should work in the 21st century.

If you decide you no longer want to use Reclaim, there’s a delete button in the UI. We’ll delete all your data from our database instantly. You’ll probably also get an email from us asking why you deleted your account, but that’s for us to understand how we could make your experience better.

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