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You deserve a better schedule.

The important stuff doesn't happen just because you write it down. You need to make time for it.
Meet Reclaim: a smart calendar assistant that blocks flexible time for anything you care about.

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What can Reclaim do for you?

Time blocking you'll actually use

Instead of filling your calendar with events that quickly get interrupted, Reclaim adapts to changes in your agenda and shifts events from Free to Busy as you get busier: so you stay flexible, but not too flexible.

Instead of filling your calendar with events that quickly get interrupted, Reclaim adapts to changes in your agenda and shifts events from Free to Busy as you get busier: so you stay flexible, but not too flexible.

To-do list, meet calendar

You can groom your backlog as much as you like, but if it’s not on the calendar, it ain’t happening. Tell Reclaim what you need to get done and when it's due, and it'll make sure you get time before it's too late.

To-do list, meet calendar

Bring your Habits to life

Reclaim intelligently blocks time on your calendar for the things you want to do regularly. Want to always make sure you take a walk every Friday afternoon, get time to catch up on email or eat lunch? Easy.

Bring your Habits to life

No more juggling schedules

Ever end up getting overbooked because you forgot to block time for an event from another calendar? Reclaim keeps all your calendars in sync, so you'll never have to worry about juggling calendars again.

No more juggling schedules

Just the right amount of context

When people view your calendar, "busy" doesn't always give them the context they need. Reclaim gives just the right amount of info to would-be schedulers so that you can stay focused without sacrificing privacy.

Just the right amount of context

Buffer Time for your meetings

Stuck in back-to-back calls all day? Give yourself time to decompress and travel between meetings. Reclaim automatically blocks smart buffers for you to prep and get where you’re going.

Buffer Time for your meetings

See your calendar in a whole new light

Reclaim automatically color-codes your entire calendar by intelligently detecting different event types on your agenda, making it super easy to see how your time is divided at a glance.

See your calendar in a whole new light

Keep your workweek in check

It's hard to know if you're on track when you don't have data. Reclaim offers simple weekly stats to show you how your time is divided across different kinds of categories: meetings, solo work, personal time, and more!

Keep your workweek in check

Keep Slack in sync with your schedule

Reclaim's Slack integration lets you manage your Tasks, Habits, and synced calendar events from one place. You can even auto-update your Slack status and set customized messages for different kinds of events!

Keep Slack in sync with your schedule

Bring your existing tools

Reclaim integrates seamlessly with the tools you already use, so you don't have to worry about adopting a whole new calendar or task list to get the most out of Reclaim. More integrations are coming soon!

Bring your existing tools

The security your calendar deserves

Your calendar data stays encrypted at rest and in transit, and you can delete your account (and your data) at any time by just clicking a button. We'll never share or sell your data, cause that's just not cool.

The security your calendar deserves
Let's get started

How Reclaim works

1. Tell Reclaim what you need

Connect your work and personal calendars to Reclaim and tell it what you want to make time for. All you need to do is express your needs, give a rough idea of when you want it to happen, and Reclaim takes care of the tricky Calendar Tetris.

2. Reclaim keeps your agenda fluid

We know how important it is for you to stay flexible, so Reclaim doesn't just fill up your entire calendar and prevent you from being available. Instead, Reclaim will dynamically shift events from Free to Busy as it notices your calendar filling up.

3. Reclaim rebalances your week

Your workweek is always changing, but Reclaim has your back. When you reprioritize your goals or your schedule changes, Reclaim rebalances your entire agenda for you — just like a great assistant would. No more late night calendar sessions.

4. Reclaim keeps you on track

Reclaim gives you quick stats on where your time goes each week, and gives you simple workflows for telling Reclaim when you didn't get something done or need more time. You can make changes on the fly via Reclaim, Slack, Google Calendar, and more!
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“Reclaim is without a doubt the best productivity tool that I have ever used. I've been really loving it because I find I get a lot more frustrated with my impact/output when I'm in meetings, so I’ve been using Reclaim to buy back some time. Even the signaling that I'm working on x or y is helpful as my teammates go ‘Hm, do we want to book a meeting or is a Slack sufficient?’”
— Rebecca Jenkins, HR Leader @ Airtasker
"I used to spend hours each week moving blocks of time around on my cal in the hopes of saving my sanity and gaining a bit of focus. Reclaim has automated this elegantly. It's honestly fun to see blocks for 'lunch' or 'deep work' adjust on the fly as you accept new meetings or move things around. It's quickly become an essential tool for getting things done."
— Paul Pedrazzi, SVP Product @ Salesforce
"I've tried every calendar, GTD scheme, and scheduling AI out there, and Reclaim is the first one that's actually lived up 100% to its promise. I can finally seamlessly merge my personal and biz calendar and defend time for habits that are important — without a lot of fiddling with individual time blocks."
— Mike Orren, Chief Product Officer @ Dallas News
"I have written more about calendars and scheduling than anyone really should. I really love Reclaim because it takes the best ideas around proactive scheduling and timeboxing and makes them sticky by building them into a product."
— John Zeratsky, Founder @ TimeDorks
“Reclaim takes a ton of methods I’ve been using at work for years -- blocking time for tasks, mapping my calendar to my priorities, and safeguarding time for personal events -- and makes them 10x easier to implement. It’s like they read my mind and built a product out of it.”
— Jade Rubick, VP Engineering @ Gremlin
"I’ve introduced Reclaim to the entire Packet team and now they spend less time tinkering with their calendars and are able to focus more, prioritize what really matters and carve out time for their own mental and personal health.”
— Zac Smith, Managing Director @ Equinix and Founder @ Packet
“Reclaim keeps my calendar aligned with my priorities, plain and simple. It’s a whole new way to visualize my schedule and understand where my time is going every week.”
— James Ferguson, Head of Design @ Atlassian

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About us

We’re a team of passionate, product-first people who believe that every busy professional has the right to a schedule that aligns with their priorities, and that life is too short for s***ty workweeks.

We've experienced the pain that comes with a slammed workweek, endless meetings, and no time for important work. It's bad for everyone.

We envision a future where your calendar reflects your priorities, where time management is agile, and where your workweeks are perfect every time.


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Reclaim + Slack = ❤️

  • ° Sync your Slack status with your schedule
  • ° Intelligently reschedule your Habits and Tasks
  • ° Create Tasks from Slack with /reclaim commands
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Got questions?

We have answers.

Is Reclaim another calendar?

Nope. Reclaim works with your existing calendar and automates away the toil of managing your schedule manually so that you can focus on the things you do best. We believe that calendars aren’t necessarily broken, they just don’t work well for people who need power tools for their time -- like you!

Are you going to mess my calendar up?

We get it! Reclaim only adds blocks to your calendar, it doesn’t reschedule or modify any existing meetings.

We won’t decline stuff or make changes to any existing events that weren’t created by us. We’ve heard too many horror stories about “intelligent calendar assistants” that end up embarrassing you by moving or declining a meeting with your boss, and we don’t have any code that does anything close to that.

Furthermore, all the blocks and changes we make to your calendar are fully reversible. If you turn on a feature and then decide you don’t want the time blocks on your calendar anymore, simply turn it off and we’ll remove all of them from your calendar automatically.

What do you do with my data?

We take your privacy and calendar data security seriously. We know how sensitive this stuff is. Thousands of users across hundreds of companies trust us with their data, and here’s why.

We will never share or sell any of your calendar data to third parties. That's just not our bag, and we think it's creepy.

All of your data is encrypted at rest and in transit, and we'll never access your calendar data without your explicit permission. Reclaim doesn't need to store calendar data for any calendars you sync (e.g., if you sync your personal or side gig calendar to Reclaim) but it does need to store data for the primary calendar that you use to sign up for Reclaim -- it's just the only way Reclaim can reliably do its job.

Finally, we believe strongly in JIT permissions: that is, we only ask for your permissions as we need them throughout the onboarding process. If you don’t want a feature that needs a certain permission, we won’t ask for it until you turn it on.

Which calendar services does Reclaim support?

Today, Reclaim is designed for Google Calendar. We’ll support Outlook 365 and other services soon!

Who is Reclaim for?

Reclaim is designed for anyone with a crazy calendar. If you're the kind of person whose schedule is almost always half-full of meetings, you're going to love Reclaim. Managers and senior ICs across all sorts of roles and departments use Reclaim every day to get time back for what matters.

Can I use Reclaim with my team?

Right now, Reclaim is designed for blocking time on individual calendars and doesn't look at any other availabilities besides your own. Soon, we'll add features to let you block time for team tasks, create smart, flexible recurring meetings, and get stats on where your team is spending its time against its priorities.

That said, we strongly encourage you to tell your friends about us!

Can I delete my account if I don’t like Reclaim?

You sure can. We believe that you shouldn’t have to contact a support person or argue with us to get your account deleted. It's just not how software should work in the 21st century.

If you decide you no longer want to use Reclaim, there’s a delete button in the UI. We’ll delete all your data from our database instantly. You’ll probably also get an email from us asking why you deleted your account, but that’s for us to understand how we could make your experience better.

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