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Auto-schedule meetings with clients & partners

Don't lose an account due to scheduling conflicts. With Reclaim, you can automatically schedule your external one-on-one meetings with clients and partners to reduce the back-and-forth of scheduling and stay a priority on each others calendar.

How to get started

1. Connect Google Calendar

Connect your existing Google Calendar account so your Smart 1:1 meetings with clients and partners are always perfectly scheduled around your other calendar events.

2. Customize your Smart 1:1 meeting

Create a new Smart 1:1 meeting, or convert an existing recurring meeting, and customize the duration, frequency, and your availability so it can automatically find a good time within your schedule.

3. Invite your client or partner

Send off your invite, and your invitee will be able to customize their own availability so every external meeting is scheduled at a time that's convenient for both of you.

4. Put your meetings on auto-pilot

No more back-and-forth scheduling, rescheduling, or cancellations. When Smart 1:1s sales meeting get overbooked, one of you RSVPs "No", or are OOO on PTO, it automatically finds a better time with zero work required.
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