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Make time for one-on-one meetings

The average pro has 5.6 one-on-one meetings a week, but 42% are rescheduled and 30% are cancelled! Take the headache out of scheduling with Smart 1:1s: automatically find mutual free time across both attendees' calendars, and auto-reschedule when things change.

How to get started

1. Connect Google Calendar

Connect your existing Google Calendar account so your Smart 1:1 meetings are always perfectly scheduled around your other calendar events.

2. Convert (or create) your 1:1s

Convert your existing direct report, cross-functional, and skip-level one-on-ones to Smart 1:1s in a single click, or spin up a new meeting! You can customize the frequency, add description links, notes, and Zoom or Google Meet links for remote calls.

3. Set your availability

Set your meeting hours and an ideal time, and Reclaim will collect your attendee's availability as well so your Smart 1:1s are always scheduled during mutually available time.

4. Sit back and let Reclaim auto-schedule

No more back-and-forth rescheduling. When Smart 1:1s get overbooked, one of you RSVPs "No", or are OOO on PTO, Reclaim automatically moves the meeting to a better time with zero work required.
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