To-do list, meet calendar

Crush your to-do list and make sure you get the time you need for the things that matter most. 

Reclaim lets you quickly add tasks to your calendar, block time flexibly, and keeps you on top of your due dates.

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What can Tasks do for me?


Your backlog + your calendar

All you need to do is tell Reclaim something that you want to get done by a certain date, how much time you need to get it done, and Reclaim takes care of the rest. It’s like setting a reminder that’s actually useful.


Adaptive, flexible time blocking

Reclaim blocks time for your Tasks automatically — no toiling with your calendar. Tasks that take multiple hours get broken up automatically, and task events stay Free on your calendar until you’re in danger of missing the due date.


Your virtual assistant in Slack

By using Reclaim’s Slack integration, you can quickly make changes to your Tasks without having to ever look at your calendar. Need to reschedule or skip a Task for the day? Reclaim will find time for you.


Manage your Tasks in Slack

You can create Tasks directly from a Slack message or even use simple commands to get them on your calendar. No more writing things down in your to-do list and blocking time for them.


Share your Tasks with your team

You can create Tasks directly from any message in Slack and then share them with your colleagues — it’s a great way to ensure that action items get captured and scheduled after standups and weekly meetings.

How does it work?


1. Tell Reclaim what you need

Connect your work and personal calendars to Reclaim and tell it what you want to make time for. All you need to do is express your needs, identify some time ranges where you’d like to get it done, and Reclaim takes care of the rest.


2. Reclaim defends your time

Reclaim analyzes your calendar in real time and creates flexible, dynamic blocks on your schedule for your to accomplish your goals. When you reprioritize your goals, Reclaim rethinks your entire schedule for you — just like a great assistant would.


3. Make changes on the fly

Your schedule changes all the time. Reclaim has your back, shifting events around as things change. It also preserves your availability by keeping Task events Free until you’re in danger of missing the due date.


4. Stay on track

Reclaim notifies you to ensure you’re staying aligned with your priorities. When you get off-track, we’ll let you know and give you quick recommendations for how to refocus yourself.

Used and loved by employees at


“Reclaim takes a ton of methods I’ve been using at work for years -- blocking time for tasks, mapping my calendar to my priorities, and safeguarding time for personal events -- and makes them 10x easier to implement. It’s like they read my mind and built a product out of it.”

- Jade Rubick, VP of Engineering, Gremlin

“Reclaim keeps my calendar aligned with my priorities, plain and simple. It’s a whole new way to visualize my schedule and understand where my time is going every week.”

- James Ferguson, Head of Design, Atlassian

"I’ve introduced Reclaim to the entire Packet team and now they spend less time tinkering with their calendars and are able to focus more, prioritize what really matters and carve out time for their own mental and personal health.”

- Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix and Founder of Packet

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