Get time for your mind

Meditation and mindfulness keeps your brain centered for the day ahead. It’s like a workout, but for your cranium.

Reclaim makes sure you get time to clear your head every day — all while keeping your schedule flexible.

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How to get started


1. Sign up for Reclaim

Start by signing up for Reclaim and connecting your calendars. If you already have an account, all you have to do is log in.


2. Select the Meditation Habit

Reclaim gives you a list of Habits to help get you started. You can just click on Meditation and Reclaim will automatically bring up the Habit for you to customize as you see fit.


3. Customize it

By default, Reclaim’s Meditation Habit will give you time to zen out between 8am and 10am with a flexible time length. Meditation tends to be most useful in the morning, but you can adapt this to whatever works best for you.


4. Get your time defended

Reclaim automatically starts blocking intelligent, flexible events on your calendar for you to meditate. You can adjust this habit as needed and manage it directly from Slack if you’ve gotten the integration.

Ready to take some deep breaths?