Auto-schedule one-on-one meetings

Automatically find the best time for one-on-one meetings with your manager, direct reports, or partners through Smart 1:1s.

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Auto-schedule one-on-one meetings

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What can Smart 1:1s do for you?

Find the best time for one-on-ones

Find the best time for one-on-ones

Smart 1:1s automatically find mutually-available times between both attendees for your one-on-one meeting. Simply set your working hour preferences, pick an ideal day and time, and Reclaim will analyze both calendars to find the optimal time to connect.

Auto-reschedule for conflicts

Auto-reschedule for conflicts

1:1s automatically reschedule in real time based on both attendees' availability. If either of you RSVP "No" or book over the event, it'll reschedule to the next best time. Never worry about rescheduling your 1:1s when you go on vacation or have a last-minute conflict again!

Convert your meetings to Smart 1:1s

Convert your meetings to Smart 1:1s

Reclaim detects all the weekly one-on-one meetings that you've organized, and can convert them to Smart 1:1s with a single click. You can use the ideal day and time proposed from your existing meeting, or update it before you send the invite to your teammate.

Manage your Smart 1:1s and preferences

Manage your Smart 1:1s and preferences

Stay on top of all your Smart 1:1 meetings with one simple dashboard. See when the next meetings are scheduled, update your scheduling preferences as things change, even add links to working docs where you keep notes and agenda items for the 1:1.

Add Zoom and Google Meet links

Add Zoom and Google Meet links

With 80% of one-on-one meetings now happening remotely, conference links need to be easy. When you create or update a Smart 1:1, you can add Zoom or Google Meet links automatically with a single click.

How does it work?

1. Create your Smart 1:1s

If you already have a bunch of weekly 1:1s with your team, Reclaim will detect them and give you an easy button to convert them to Smart 1:1s. Or, start fresh and create brand-new Smart 1:1s. Just set your working hours and meeting preferences and fire off those invites!

2. Invitees set their meeting availability

Invite your team, and automatically replace your 1:1 meetings with Smart 1:1s on the calendar. For advanced optimization, attendees can create a free Reclaim account to set their own meeting hours so Reclaim can better schedule across work hours and timezones.

3. Your Smart 1:1s get scheduled flexibly

Automatically schedule your Smart 1:1s around your ideal day and time every week. If your 1:1 gets overbooked by a conflict, it will reschedule to the next best time. Or, if one of you RSVPs "No", it reschedules again. No more worrying about moving events around when things change!

How does it work?

1. Sign up for Reclaim

Sign up for Reclaim to get started with Reclaim’s Slack integration. You must be a Reclaim user to connect Slack with Reclaim.

2. Add to Slack

Once logged into Reclaim, go to Settings > Integrations. Tap the Add to Slack button.

3. Create Tasks, share Scheduling Links, & more

Once connected you’ll be able to:

  • Use the /reclaim shortcut to quickly create Tasks, share a Scheduling Link, or update your settings
  • Update your status automatically when events on your calendar begin
  • View your agenda & manage tasks

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