Stay on top of your routines

Habits is a more flexible way to ensure you always get time during the week for the things you do most often.

In just a few steps, Reclaim will find and defend time on your calendar for anything you want to do regularly.

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What can Habits do for me?


Make time for work (and life)

With Habits, you can tell Reclaim things that you want to get done regularly, give a rough idea of when you want them to happen, and Reclaim finds the time to get them done.


Keep your schedule agile

Habits aren’t just recurring events — they’re intelligent, adaptive calendar events that move and change status as your week changes. Your time stays Free until it’s truly not, and then Reclaim automatically defends it.


Set rules for time defense

With every Habit you create, you can tell Reclaim the ideal times for it to happen as well as define how aggressively you want to defend the time on your calendar.


Avoid duplication & interruptions

Just like an Out-of-Office event, you can tell Reclaim to decline interruptions that interfere with your Habits. You can also give Reclaim a list of words to look for on your calendar and avoid duplicating the Habit if it’s already on your calendar.


Stay on track in Slack

With Reclaim’s Slack integration, your Habits are only a click away. You can view which Habits are scheduled, decide to delay ones that you don’t want to do that day, and modify Habits on-the-fly.

How does it work?


1. Communicate your routines

You can add anything you want to get done regularly — exercise, coding, reading, taking a walk, or whatever matters to you — to Reclaim as a Habit.


2. Tell us when to block them

Give Reclaim a rough idea of when you’d like the the Habit to happen, a range for how long you’d like to spend on it, and set how aggressively you want Reclaim to defend the time on your calendar. 


3. Your routines get defended

Reclaim starts to add your Habit to your calendar! Reclaim will look ahead at your schedule and determine how busy your week looks. If your week is pretty free, the blocks will initially be added as Free time and then change to Busy as your days fill up.

Used and loved by employees at


“Reclaim takes a ton of methods I’ve been using at work for years -- blocking time for tasks, mapping my calendar to my priorities, and safeguarding time for personal events -- and makes them 10x easier to implement. It’s like they read my mind and built a product out of it.”

- Jade Rubick, VP of Engineering, Gremlin

“Reclaim keeps my calendar aligned with my priorities, plain and simple. It’s a whole new way to visualize my schedule and understand where my time is going every week.”

- James Ferguson, Head of Design, Atlassian

"I’ve introduced Reclaim to the entire Packet team and now they spend less time tinkering with their calendars and are able to focus more, prioritize what really matters and carve out time for their own mental and personal health.”

- Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix and Founder of Packet

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