Take a breath between meetings

Stuck in back-to-back calls all day? Make sure you have time to decompress and travel from meeting to meeting.

Reclaim automatically blocks Buffer Time between your meetings for you to prep and get where you’re going.

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What can Buffer Time do for me?


Get downtime between calls

Reclaim blocks time on your calendar after video calls to give you time to decompress and take a break. Reclaim detects video conference links automatically, so you don’t need to do anything yourself.


Get time to get places

Anytime Reclaim sees a location in meetings on your calendar, it automatically blocks time for you to travel there and back. If you happen to have a flight, Reclaim will add more time for you to get through security and travel from the airport.


Flexes to your changing schedule

Buffer Time is smart. If your meeting gets rescheduled, the Buffer Time comes with it. If a meeting gets scheduled over your Buffer Time, Reclaim will remove it from your calendar automatically.


Add more time on-the-fly

If you want to adjust your Buffer Time, it’s easy to do directly from Slack. Reclaim will notify you when Buffer Time is added to your calendar, and prompt you to adjust it if you’d like more or less.  

How does it work?


1. Set up Reclaim

Start by signing up for Reclaim or logging into your account. Once you complete onboarding, head on over to your Reclaim Settings and scroll down to Buffer Time.


2. Turn on your Buffers

Simply toggle on which Buffer Time options you want, set your desired defaults, and Reclaim will automatically start blocking time on your calendar.


3. Reclaim adds Buffer Time

You’re done! Kick back and let your calendar go. You can add Reclaim’s Slack integration to your workspace for even more control.

Used and loved by employees at


“Reclaim takes a ton of methods I’ve been using at work for years -- blocking time for tasks, mapping my calendar to my priorities, and safeguarding time for personal events -- and makes them 10x easier to implement. It’s like they read my mind and built a product out of it.”

- Jade Rubick, VP of Engineering, Gremlin

“Reclaim keeps my calendar aligned with my priorities, plain and simple. It’s a whole new way to visualize my schedule and understand where my time is going every week.”

- James Ferguson, Head of Design, Atlassian

"I’ve introduced Reclaim to the entire Packet team and now they spend less time tinkering with their calendars and are able to focus more, prioritize what really matters and carve out time for their own mental and personal health.”

- Zac Smith, Managing Director, Equinix and Founder of Packet

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