Automatic time blocking for your calendar

Reclaim Assistant gives you time every day to do the things that never get done. It’s like having an EA all to yourself.

Defend your week for what matters in minutes. No more playing Calendar Tetris on the weekends.

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What can Assistant do for me?


Get time for catching up

Reclaim Assistant gives you time every day to focus on the tasks that keep you from going underwater. Reclaim finds you daily focus times and re-adjusts them automatically as your schedule changes.


Get time for lunch

Ever forget to eat something during the day? Not anymore. Reclaim Assistant finds you time for lunch and defends it so that you’ll never go hungry again.


Get time to travel

When Reclaim Assistant notices a location on your events, it will automatically add adjustable travel time blocks before and after so you’re never scrambling to get to your next meeting.


Make changes fast

Just like a great assistant, you can tell Reclaim when you’d like time blocked — just tell Reclaim Assistant what time windows you want, what an ideal time looks like, and it'll do the rest.


Works where you are

Reclaim works with your existing calendar and integrates with Slack, so you don’t have to change the tools you’re used to. RSVP to events, get notifications when things change, modify your settings and more — all via Slack.

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