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The Zoom integration for Google Calendar + Slack

With Reclaim's Zoom integration, you can set your Slack status to automatically update when you enter and leave a Zoom call.
Make your Zoom calls better with fewer distractions.

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Better Zoom meetings with Reclaim

auto detect zoom and update your slack status

Auto-update your Slack status during Zoom calls

Give your focus to your fellow Zoom-mates! Automatically sync your Slack status to update when you enter a meeting (even if it's not on your Google Calendar) to let your coworkers know you're busy and minimize noisy distractions.

clear your status automatically after zoom ends

Auto-clear your Slack status after Zoom calls

Zoom meeting ended early, but your status is still stuck to busy? Clear away your synced Slack status as soon as you leave a Zoom meeting, not just when the event ends via the Google Calendar event.

do not disturb settings

Set Do Not Disturb on Slack for important Zoom calls

Pause all notifications on Slack with Do Not Disturb when you join important Zoom calls, and customize to only set this status when you absolutely need to stay focused, and remain interruptible when you don't.

join zoom from the reclaim planner

Join Zoom calls through the Planner

Join your Zoom meetings through a clean and clear button on your calendar events in the Planner - no more scrolling through long invites to find the one link you need to start you video call!

decompress between video meetings

Eliminate back-to-back Zoom meetings

Automatically schedule yourself a break to decompress after any event that has a Zoom link! Customize your break length to whatever you need to stay sane, and eliminate back-to-back meetings from your Google Calendar.

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