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Send Calendly links with more availability

Using a scheduling tool like Calendly? Reclaim makes it foolproof. Send better Calendly links with more available time slots for schedulers when you take a smarter approach to time blocking with Reclaim.

How to get started

1. Sync your calendars

When you sync multiple calendars with Reclaim, your work calendar gets defended for events from other calendars so your coworkers will never overbook you again. Don't worry, your personal details will always stay private!

2. Block time for routines & tasks

Create flexible time blocks for Tasks and Habits like lunch, exercise, and emails without eating up your availability for new meetings! Reclaim will automatically move your time blocks when interruptions occur, and keep your time blocks free if you have lots of slack in your schedule.

3. Send better Calendly links

Give schedulers the full picture with more available times to connect! Your smart calendar now knows when you are actually busy, and where you have flexibility to move without having to send extra emails to work out a time.

4. See productivity & meeting stats

Step up your time management game with actual insight on how you're spending your time. Analyze meeting time vs. free time vs. solo work sessions, and break down further to see team vs. external vs. one-on-one meetings.
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