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Give schedulers the full picture

If you use a service like Calendly to schedule time with external parties, Reclaim makes it foolproof. Sync all your calendars to your primary one, connect one calendar to your scheduling service, and call it a day.

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How to get started

1. Sign up for Reclaim

Start by signing up for Reclaim and connecting your calendars. If you already have an account, all you have to do is log in.

2. Connect your calendars

After connecting your primary work calendar, you can connect as many additional calendars as you want to block events from them. If you want events to be blocked in both directions on both calendars, we support that too.

3. Pick your privacy settings

You can block events from one calendar to another with varying levels of privacy — everything from “busy” to the full details of the event. You can expose just as much or as little of your calendars to others as you’d like.

4. Your calendars get merged

You can now connect just a single calendar to Calendly (or any other scheduler) and people will see your free and busy time across all your schedules. You can also get notifications when events get synced directly from Slack if you’ve gotten the integration.
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