Hey, you should eat something

LunchBuddy automatically defends time on your calendar for eating and auto-adapts to your schedule.

It’s simple, perfect for remote work, and only takes a few moments to set up. Let’s go get lunch!

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How does it work?


Stay flexible, stay defended

LunchBuddy will look for time on your calendar between 11:30am and 2pm every day, add a time block, and readjust that block as interruptions occur. You’ll always get to eat lunch, even if your schedule changes.


Perfect for WFH

It’s easy to forget to eat when you work from home. If you’re remote (or even if you’re not), LunchBuddy is your best friend: you’ll always remember to eat something during the day.


Make your calendar yours

You can do a lot more with Reclaim than just protect your lunch time. Reclaim is an executive assistant for everyone, taking the busy work out of managing and defending your calendar. Learn more.

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